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Tom Drumhead

The Remo 10" Ambassador Smooth White is a Tom Drumhead with a Ambassador Smooth White, Single-ply, white drumhead, Smooth surface, Produces an open and...

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Name Remo 10" Emperor Colortone PurpleRemo 10" CS White SmoothRemo 10" Ambassador Smooth WhiteRemo 10" Emperor SuedeEvans 10" G14 White CoatedRemo 10" Starfire Tom Tom ChromeAquarian 10" Response 2 BlackAquarian 10" Deep Vintage II CoatedDW 10" Transparent DrumheadAquarian 10" Reflector Ice White
Description Tom Tom DrumheadTom DrumheadDrumheadTom Tom DrumheadDrumheadTom Tom DrumheadTom Tom Drum HeadDrumhead for Tom Tom
Type Of HeadDouble PlySingle PlySingle PlySingle PlySingle PlySingle PlyDouble PlyDouble PlySingle PlyDouble Ply
FinishSmoothSmoothSmoothTexturedTextured, CoatedSmoothMesh HeadTextured, CoatedSmoothSmooth
DAmper Ring

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Remo 10” Ambassador Clear Drum Head
  • Remo 10” Clear Ambassador Drum Head. Used as resonant head (bottom). No sticking marks. Some light scratch marksWere spares but have since sold drum kitI have other drum heads on other listings if interested consisting of the followingRemo 12” clear diplomat (new)14” Suede ambassador good condition with light sticking marks12” 14” 16” Diplomat clear used as bottom heads great condition
  • Item location: WOLVERHAMPTON, GB
Remo 10
  • The Ambassador® Hazy Snare Side features open resonant tones that is the industry standard for resonant Snare drum applications. Constructed with 1-ply of 3-mil film, Ambassador® Hazy Snare Side drumheads provide a perfect balance of high, mid and low frequencies for all Snare drum types.
  • Item location: SOUTHAMPTON, GB
Remo 10
  • Remo Ambassador 10" Drum Head. Single Ply 10 m Mylar Film.
  • Item location: OLDBURY, GB
Remo Ambassador Coated Drum Head, Many Sizes Available 8
  • Snare Drums. REMO AMBASSADOR BA-01 Coated Drumheads. Remo Diplomat BD-01 Coated Snare/Tom Drumheads Many Sizes Available 8" to 15". Remo Diplomat BD-03 Clear Drumheads Many Sizes Available 8" to 15". Dream Gong 14" Tiger Bend Down.
  • Item location: MANCHESTER, GB
Remo Ambassador Clear Fusion Value Pack PP-0730-BA free delivery 10 12 14/14
  • Remo Ambassador® heads are the industry standard for both live and recording situations and It's easy to see (and hear) why! 10in Clear Ambassador. 12in Clear Ambassador.
  • Item location: BICESTER, GB
Remo 14
  • Combining all of these widely successful features allows for one of the most versatile drum heads ever produced. The head that changed the world in 1957! The drum head features 2 plies, one 7.5-mil ply and one 3-mil ply.
  • Item location: , GB
Remo 10
  • They're known for their bright warm tones, resonance, and sustain. Coated heads are best known as batter and resonant heads warming up the sound of tom-toms and bass drums.
  • Item location: ROTHERHAM, GB
Remo 10
  • Ambassador The BLACK SUEDE Ambassador drumheads feature 1-ply of textured EBONY 10-mil film.
  • Item location: ROTHERHAM, GB
Remo 10
  • The Fiberskyn 3 Ambassador surface is excellent for sticks, brushes. F3 Ambassador heads produce a warm spectrum of sound for snares and tom-toms. They are best known for Jazz and Orchestral applications.
  • Item location: ROTHERHAM, GB
Remo 10
  • Smooth White Ambassador drumheads are great for all playing situations and are an industry standard for marching bass drum applications.
  • Item location: ROTHERHAM, GB
[Pearl Novelty with gold tuning key] 114BA / K 14 inch / Coated Ambassador (Med
  • The manufacturer will change contents, date and quantity for sale. [ Release Date(yyyy/mm/dd) ]. Well-balanced attack, versatile head with increased sustain durability. [ Note : Pre-Order (P/O) ]. Depends on custom in your country also.
  • Item location: , JP

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The Remo 10" Ambassador Smooth White is a Tom Drumhead with a Ambassador Smooth White, Single-ply, white drumhead, Smooth surface, Produces an open and resonant sound & With a warm attack. The retail price is 14.9 £. Buy Remo 10" Ambassador Smooth White at Thomann UK.


Type Of HeadSingle Ply
DAmper RingNo

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