Relax Sensation Gong Stand 100cm NB review: specs & price

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Name Thomann Tam Tam Stand 140cmRelax Sensation Gong Stand 60cm NBPaiste Gong Stand 36"-40" roundPaiste Gong Stand 30" roundMeinl Gong Handle WoodBergerault Hook for SMGR rightBergerault Hook for SMGR leftThomann Wooden Gong Stand HGS 150Paiste Gong Stand 30"Meinl Mute for Gong/TamTam Stand
Description StandPaiste Gong StandPaiste Gong StandGong Handle Made of WoodHookWooden Gong StandGong StandMute for Gong / Tam Tam Stand
TypeGong StandGong StandGong StandGong StandGong StandGong StandGong StandGong StandGong StandSilencer for Stands

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. The retail price is 281.4 £.


TypeGong Stand

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Thomann Tam Tam Stand 140cm


Relax Sensation Gong Stand 60cm NB

Paiste Gong Stand 36"-40" round

Paiste Gong Stand

Paiste Gong Stand 30" round

Paiste Gong Stand

Meinl Gong Handle Wood

Gong Handle Made of Wood

Bergerault Hook for SMGR right

Bergerault Hook for SMGR left


Thomann Wooden Gong Stand HGS 150

Wooden Gong Stand

Paiste Gong Stand 30"

Gong Stand

Meinl Mute for Gong/TamTam Stand

Mute for Gong / Tam Tam Stand