Reka Mouthpipe Wiper Trumpet

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Mouthpipe Wiper

The Reka Mouthpipe Wiper Trumpet is a Mouthpipe Wiper with a For trumpet, flugelhorn and cornet.

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Name Herco Brush for Trombone VinylThomann Cleaning nozzle Nr.2Reka Mouthpiece Brush One SizeReka Drop Stop for Trumpet ValvesReka Valve Pipe WiperSlide O Mix Mouthpiece BrushReka Cleaning Rod for AlphornThomann Rod Cleaner for TrumpetThomann Rod Cleaner for Tromb.Thomann Mouthpiece Brush large
Description Trombone Care BrushInternal Cleaning NozzleMouthpiece brush for brass instrumentsDrip Catcher for TrumpetValve Pipe WiperMouthpiece BrushCleaning Rod for AlphornThomann Rod CleanerThomann Rod CleanerMouthpiece Brush
InstrumentTromboneFlugelhornUniversalTrumpetUniversalBrass InstrumentsAlphornTrumpetTromboneHorn, Trombone, Tuba

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The Reka Mouthpipe Wiper Trumpet is a Mouthpipe Wiper with a For trumpet, flugelhorn and cornet. The retail price is 13.95 £. Buy Reka Mouthpipe Wiper Trumpet at Thomann UK.


InstrumentFlugelhorn, Cornet, Trumpet

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