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The RCF LF18G401 is a Speaker with a 18" Subwoofer.

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Name Precision Devices PD.185N01Precision Devices PD.185N02the box 18LB100-4N Ersatzspeaker 18"Fane Imperium 18NDXLFane Imperium 18XLPrecision Devices PD.1851/2Celestion CF1840HEighteensound 18NLW4000Fane Colossus 18 SBFane Colossus 18XB-4 Ohm
Description Sub Bass LoudspeakerSub Bass SpeakerReplacement SpeakerSpeakerSpeaker18" Speaker18" SpeakerWooferSpeakerLoudspeaker
Size18"Ø 18"18"18"18"--18"18"18"
Impedance8 Ohms8 Ohms4 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms4 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms4 Ohms
Frequency range35 - 1000 Hz35 - 1000 Hz-30 - 2,000 Hz (1 W - 1 m) 98.5 dB30 - 2,000 Hz (1 W - 1 m) 96 dB35 Hz - 2 kHz-30 - 1800 Hz35 - 2500 Hz (1 w - 1 m)35 - 1,000 Hz
Sensitivity98 db (1W1m)98 db (1 W/1 m)---98 db (1W1m)98 dB---
Weight11.5 kg11.5 kg-11.5 kg13.09 kg23.8 kg11.6 kg9.8 kg12.5 kg14.2 kg
Load Capacity1000 W1100 W800 W2400 W2600 W1000 W1000 W1500 W1000 W1000 W
Power rating-1100 W RMS / 4400 W peak-------1000 W
Rated power---2400 W2600 W1000W RMS1000 W-1000 W-
Maximum level-------94 dB100 db-

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RCF LF18G401 900W AES 18
  • RCF LF18G401 - 18" 900W 8 Ohm. The robust machanical design and optimised weight of the device make it desiderable for use in fixed installation or portable professional loudspeaker system. Program Power: 1800 W AES.
  • Item location: SOUTHAMPTON, GB
RCF LF18G401 - 18
  • This combination provides remarkable strength and peak to peak maximum excursion of 50mm. Frequency Range: 30 Hz - 1000 Hz. 30 Hz - 1 kHz Frequency range. Driver fully tested. Ideal for high quality professional bass reflex and bass-horn system.
  • Item location: SOUTHAMPTON, GB
Rcf LF18G401 18
  • Frequency Range: 30 Hz to 1000 Hz. 30 Hz – 1 kHz Frequency range. Net Weight: 13 / 28.9 kg/lbs. Number of layers: 2. Mounting information. Half-space efficiency: 3.09%. Voice - coil inductance at 1kHz: 2.4 mH.
  • Item location: Brooklyn, US

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The RCF LF18G401 is a Speaker with a 18" Subwoofer. The retail price is 205.86 £. Buy RCF LF18G401 at Thomann UK.


Rated power (RMS / program)900 W / 1800 W
Impedance8 Ohms
Frequency range30 - 1000 Hz
Sensitivity98 dB
Weight13.0 kg
Load Capacity900 W

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