PRS SE Custom 24 Roasted Maple TG

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Name Fender 61 Strat BLK Relic GHMacmull Guitars S-Classic RW 3 Tone SunburstXotic Guitars XSC-1 MN Vintage WhiteXotic Guitars XSC-1 RW Olympic WhiteFramus D-Series Diablo Prog X NBKFramus D-Series Diablo Supreme BBKBHPFramus D-Series Diablo Supreme BOBBXotic Guitars XSC PRO-2 3 Tone SunburstXotic Guitars XSC PRO-2 Olympic WhitePRS Custom 24 35th Anniv. OI
Description Electric GuitarElectric GuitarElectric GuitarElectric GuitarElectric GuitarElectric GuitarElectric GuitarElectric GuitarElectric Guitar
Neck profileMid '60s oval "C"60s Oval 'C'--------
Fretboard radius241 mm9.5"-----12"12"-
Scale648 mm648 mm648 mm648 mm648 mm648 mm648 mm648 mm648 mm635 mm
Incl. Bag
Incl. Case
Nut width--42.8 mm (1.69")42.8mm (1, 69")43 mm43 mm (1 11/16")43 mm (1 11/16")42.8 mm42.8 mm-
Fretboard Radius--241 mm (9.5")9.5"------
Controls--1x Volume, 2x Tone1x Volume, 2x Tone---1 x Volume, 2 x Tone1 x Volume, 2 x Tone-
String spacing----10.8 mm10.8 mm10.8 mm---
Glued neck-----MahoganyMahogany---
Width at 12th fret-----52.5 mm (2 1/16")52.5 mm (2 1/16")---
Distance E to e string-----54 mm54 mm---
Strings (ex works)-----Cleartone .010" - .046" (9410)Cleartone .010" - .046" (9410)---
Serial number-------# 1519# 1517-

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PRS SE Custom 24 in Charcoal Burst with Gig Bag
  • This PRS SE Custom 24 electric guitar is a solid body guitar with a 6-string configuration and 24 frets. The guitar comes in a stylish Charcoal Burst colour, perfect for any musician. The set includes a gig bag for easy transportation. This guitar is made by PRS, a renowned brand in the music industry. The model year is 2020 and the guitar is right-handed. It belongs to the category of electric guitars and is suitable for musicians who prefer a right-handed guitar. The guitar size is 4/4, and it is equipped with a floating tremolo system. The guitar has fantastic sound quality and is perfect for musicians who value quality sound.
  • Item location: LONDON, GB
prs se custom 24  with Seymour Duncan Upgrade Black Gold Burst
  • A beautiful guitar in exceptional condition. No marks or Scratches as per the photos.
  • Item location: KIDDERMINSTER, GB
PRS SE Custom 24 7 String Electric Guitar + PRS Case *RARE*
  • Very rare PRS Custom 24 7 String electric. Amazing built quality as expected from PRS. The HFS is a powerful pickup with a balance of aggression, clear highs, strong mid-range, and strong bass.
  • Item location: LONDON, GB
Paul Reed Smith PRS SE Custom 24 in Trampas Green - Electric Guitar
  • Item is pre-owned and in good condition but is sadly missing the tremolo arm. This has been fully tested and works perfectly. It has a fresh set of Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys on and has been well looked after.
  • Item location: GRIMSBY, GB
Awesome Prs Custom 24 Se Ltd Edition.  Spalted Maple. Upgrades And Prs Gig Bag.
  • Limited Edition, with Spalted Maple top. THIS GUITAR is from the “Exotic Woods” Limited Edition collection, and LOOKS STUNNING, with its beautiful spalted maple veneer on the top and matching machine head.
  • Item location: YEOVIL, GB
PRS SE Custom  Limited  Edition Sandblasted Swamp Ash 2019 - Yellow
  • 2019 PRS SE Custom Swamp Ash body with Sand-blasted body infilled with yellow.Nice collectors item.
  • Item location: SWINDON, GB
PRS SE Custom 24 in Trampas Green (2015 Limited Edition)
  • PRS SE custom in very good condition. The guitar is being sold with the standard gig bag.
  • Item location: BEXLEYHEATH, GB
RARE -PRS (Paul Reed Smith) SE Custom 24 Spalted Maple 2018  Made in Korea
  • The SE Custom 24 is a solid choice for any guitarist in need of an elegant, yet strong workhorse of a guitar. The spalted maple top looks really elegant with its beautiful grain that varies from guitar to guitar.
  • Item location: LONDON, GB
PRS SE Custom 24 30th Anniversary Edition
  • They sound crystal-clear and articulate without any top-end harshness. There are no surprises in how the Custom 24 sounds. Mahogany with a good maple cap, and two humbuckers are always going to be Les Paul territory but I would suggest that this guitar is much more versatile.
  • Item location: BRISTOL, GB
💥PRS 30th Anniversary SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar - Flame Elephant Grey Black
  • Upgraded with CTS pots and 22nF paper in oil capacitor. Bridge pickup upgraded to a Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB pickup. PRS 30th Anniversary SE Custom 24 2015 Electric Guitar - Grey Black. Has special edition bird inlays design not found on the usual custom 24 which sets this apart.
  • Item location: BRIDGWATER, GB
PRS SE Custom 24, 2006, Emerald Green, Second-Hand
  • The SE Custom 24 stands as an entry into the esteemed PRS design platform within the SE series, offering a blend of high quality and affordability. A top choice among touring artists and live musicians, this model features a mahogany back paired with a maple top body, a Wide Thin curved maple neck adorned with a rosewood fingerboard and bird inlay, all crafted to the impeccable standards of PRS design. Complete with a tremolo bridge, the guitar houses an 85/15 gSh pickup, controlled by a single volume, push/pull tone control, and a versatile 3-way blade pickup selector. Its durability, addictive playability, and a spectrum of tones make it a “go-to” instrument, seamlessly merging modernity with classic style.7.6lbs
  • Item location: BRIGHTON, GB
PRS SE Custom 24-08 Faded Blue - Electric Guitar
  • Zoomansicht schließen. Saitenhalter: Nein. Gurtpins: Standard. Hals: Ahorn. Halskonstruktion: Geleimt. Halsprofil: Wide Thin. Saitenzahl: 6. Während der Mahagonikorpus im typischen PRS-Design eine Ahorndecke mit elegantem Shallow-Violin-Carve und Riegelahorn-Zierfurnier trägt, bietet der geleimte Ahornhals dank des handlichen "Wide Thin"-Profils optimale Spieleigenschaften über alle 24 Bünde seines Palisandergriffbretts.
  • Item location: Köln, DE
PRS SE Custom 24 Quilt Black Gold Burst - Electric Guitar
  • Hals: Ahorn. Decke: Wölkchenahorn. Zoomansicht schließen. Saitenhalter: Nein. geleimtem Ahorn-Hals. Griffbrett: Ebenholz. Halskonstruktion: Geleimt. Halsprofil: Wide Thin.
  • Item location: Köln, DE

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Scale635 mm
Incl. BagYes
Incl. CaseNo

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