Pro Mark SD200 Stick Depot review: specs & price

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Stick Depot

The Pro Mark SD200 Stick Depot is a Stick Depot with a For 2 pairs of drumsticks.

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Name Adams Mallet HolderClick Stick Stick Mount 5A WhiteAhead WLT Replacement Covers LargeAhead WMT Replacement Covers MediumClick Stick Stick Mount 5B WhiteAhead WST Replacement Covers SmallAhead Tip Ball NylonAhead Tip 5AT 5A / 7A WoodAhead Tip Stock WoodAhead STS Replacement Cover Silver
Description Stock HolderReplacement Covers (Large)Replacement CoversReplacement CoversStick TipReplacement TipStick TipReplacement Covers
TypeBeater DepotStick HolderReplacement CoversReplacement CoversStick HolderReplacement CoversReplacement TipReplacement TipReplacement TipReplacement Covers
Package quantity------1 piece/tip for model 5B, 2B, 5BR, RK, PC3S, LU, RA, MS, TT, TS, TC, XRB, XRS-1 Piece / tip-

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The Pro Mark SD200 Stick Depot is a Stick Depot with a For 2 pairs of drumsticks. The retail price is 14.81 £.



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