Pro Mark BYOS Fire Grain Hickory review: specs & price

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Name Vater 3SW Drum Sticks Hickory WoodVater Night Hickory WoodRohema MSD7 Maple lacquer finishZildjian Rock Wood Natural Drum SticksPro Mark TXSD1FW Future Pro SnareTama Oak Lab Smash Drum SticksAgner Rock Hickory Wood Tip Code GreMeinl Big Apple Swing HickoryMeinl Big Apple Bop HickoryTama Oak Lab Resonator Drum Sticks
Description DrumsticksDrum SticksDrumsticksSnare Drum StickDrumsticksDrumsticksDrumsticksDrumsticksDrumsticks
Length17 1/4”" (43.82 cm)--42.2 cm37.47 cm419 mm413 mm406 mm406 mm410 mm
Nylon Tip
TipBarrel ShapedOvalBarrel / Tear FormOvalRoundAcorn ShapedTear ShapedAcorn ShapedAcorn ShapedOval
Type3SNightIntermediate SizeRockFutureIntermediate SizeRockJazzJazzIntermediate Size
Length in mm438 mm435 mm415 mm422 mm375 mm419 mm413 mm406 mm406 mm410 mm
Handle Diameter in mm18,5 mm15,0 mm16,0 mm15,8 mm14,7 mm15,0 mm15,5 mm15,2 mm13,7 mm15,3 mm
Weight in g90,5 g83,0 g121,0 g59,5 g49,5 g60,0 g53,0 g55,0 g55,0 g57,0 g
Diameter----1.47 cm15 mm-15.2 mm13.7 mm15.25 mm
Weight type-------LightLight-

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  • "Bring Your Own Style" - BYOS Hickory Oval Wood Tip. The grip ring on the butt end provides a comfortable grip while executing stick tricks. Hickory is the most popular wood choice for drumsticks due to its resilience, responsiveness, durability, and classic feel.
  • Item location: ROTHERHAM, GB

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. The retail price is 14.25 £. Buy Pro Mark BYOS Fire Grain Hickory at Thomann UK.


Nylon TipNo
TypeIntermediate Size
Weight in g172,0 g

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