Precision Devices CD2 review: specs & price

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2" Driver

The Precision Devices CD2 is a 2" Driver with a Ceramic.

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Name BMS 4592ND-16BMS 4590-16BMS 4590-8BMS 4591 8 OhmEV DH2TPrecision Devices CD2Eminence PSD:3006B&C DE 750Eighteensound HD2080TBMS 4592ND-8
Description Coaxial Driver2" Coaxial Driver2" Coaxial Driver2" DriverReplacement Driver2" Driver2" Driver2" Titanium Compression Driver2" Ferrite Driver2" Coaxial Driver
Size2"-----76.2 mm--2"
Power150 W RMS + 80W RMS-----80 Watt140 W (Programm)-150 W RMS + 80W RMS
Impedance16 Ohm--8 Ohm-8 ohms8 Ohm8 Ohm-8 Ohm
Frequency range200 Hz-22 kHz--200 Hz - 9 kHz-500 - 18000 Hz500 - 18000 Hz--200 Hz - 22 kHz
Sensitivity118 dB--Max. 118 dB (1w/1m)-----118 dB
Weight2.3 kg9 kg9.6 kg--4.9 kg-6.4 kg5.3 kg2.3 kg
Diameter-180 mm180 mm--167 mm---132 mm
Depth-129 mm129 mm----90 mm-113 mm


The Precision Devices CD2 is a 2" Driver with a Ceramic. The retail price is 154.49 £.


Load capacity105 W
Impedance8 ohms
Maximum level110 dB
Frequency range500 - 18000 Hz
Diameter167 mm
Weight4.9 kg

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