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1.5" Driver

The Precision Devices CD1.5 is a 1.5" Driver with a Ceramic.

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Name RCF ND350BMS 4555 16 OhmBMS 4555 8 OhmPrecision Devices CD1.53Precision Devices CD1.5Precision Devices CD1.53N
Description Neodymium drivers1.5" Driver1.5" driver1.5" Driver1.5" Driver1.5" Driver
Rated power50 W RMS--105 W90 W105 W
Impedance8 ohms16 ohms8 ohms8 ohms8 ohms8 ohms
Frequency range1200 - 20,000 Hz-500 Hz - 20 kHz500 - 18000 Hz500 - 18000 Hz500 - 18000 Hz
SPL109 db 1 W / 1 m113 dB----
Dimensions-123 x 52 mm123 x 52 mm---
Weight-2.25 kg2.25 kg4.98 kg4.50 kg2.30 kg
Maximum SPL---111 dB109 dB111 dB
Diameter---179 mm156 mm140 mm

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The Precision Devices CD1.5 is a 1.5" Driver with a Ceramic. The retail price is 109.42 £.


Rated power90 W
Impedance8 ohms
Maximum SPL109 dB
Frequency range500 - 18000 Hz
Diameter156 mm
Weight4.50 kg

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