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Bass Rosin

The Pops Bass Rosin is a Bass Rosin with a Dark.

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Name Gewa Artista Designer Bass RosinMillant-Deroux Bass RosinGeipel Alaska Bass Rosin MediumThomastik 205A Rosin Bass MediumJade Bass RosinPetz Bass Rosin No.4 HardGewa Old Master Traditional BassHidersine Rosin Double Bass Cold WeatherLapella No.31 Single Cleaning WipeMelos Bass Rosin Dark
Description RosinBass RosinBass RosinThomastik Rosin ArtistRosinRosinRosinCleaning ClothBass Rosin

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Pops' Bass Rosin
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  • Time left: 14d 14h 24m 25s
  • Item location: United Kingdom
Pops Rosin For Double Bass Clear
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  • Time left: 26d 07h 02m 11s
  • Item location: Italy
Gon Pops Double Bass Rosin, Rosin
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  • Time left: 13d 06h 35m 38s
  • Item location: Germany
Pops Bass Rosin Bass Rosin
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  • Time left: 08d 11h 16m 33s
  • Item location: USA
Pops Bass Rosin
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  • Time left: 04d 03h 29m 46s
  • Item location: USA
Pops Upright Bass Rosin
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  • Time left: 09d 11h 57m 36s
  • Item location: USA

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The Pops Bass Rosin is a Bass Rosin with a Dark. The retail price is 16.11 £.



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