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String Set for Viola

The Pirastro Eudoxa Viola is a String Set for Viola with a Eudoxa & Set 224021.

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Name Corelli 930LS Cantiga Viola StringsThomastik Spirocore Viola C Tung. S24wThomastik Dominant Viola G Strong 138stPirastro Tonica Viola D 3/4 - 1/2 medDaddario KV410LH Kaplan Vivo Viola LHDaddario DZ410-LL Zyex ViolaWarchal Amber Viola Metal S LPPrim Viola String G SoftWarchal Amber Viola Metal L BEThomastik Superflexible A Viola heavy
Description Viola Strings LightD Single String For ViolaViolin StringsComplete Set of Strings for ViolaG-string for violaComplete String Set for ViolaViola String
Length4/44/44/43/4 - 1/216" - 16,5"16" - 16,5"14'' - 15''4/415'' - 15 3/4''4/4
Core materialNylon multi-filament / steelSteel CablePlastics, SyntheticsSyntheticSynthetic / SteelSyntheticSynthetic / SteelSteelSynthetic / SteelSteel Cable
Complete set
Single string

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Pirastro EUDOXA violin viola rosin soft good grip made in Germany free postage
  • NEW Pirastro EUDOXA rosin for violin or viola. Relatively soft rosin makes it a good choice for players living in colder climates. Well suited for “Eudoxa”, “Chorda" and all types of gut Strings.
  • Item location: Melbourne, AU
Pirastro Eudoxa Rosin, Rosin
  • Brand New Pirastro Eudoxa Rosin. Overseas buyers - please contact me for shipping cost before ordering. Thank You.
  • Item location: CAMBRIDGE, GB

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The Pirastro Eudoxa Viola is a String Set for Viola with a Eudoxa & Set 224021. The retail price is 113.71 £.


A-StringGut / aluminium
D-StringGut / silver-aluminium
G and C StringsGut / silver
Core materialGut
Complete setYes
Single stringNo

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