Pioneer Ear Pad HDJ-2000 review: specs & price

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The Pioneer Ear Pad HDJ-2000 is an Earpads with a For HDJ-2000 headphones & Softskin.

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Name Ultrasone Ear Pads Performance 820Sennheiser Ambeo Cerumenfilterbeyerdynamic T1 First Generation Ear PadsAIAIAI E03 VeloursPioneer Ear Pad HDJ-2000Superlux HD-681 Evo Ear Pads SoftskinAudio-Technica ATH-M30 Ear PadMrSpeakers ETHER 2 Ear Pads SuedeUltrasone Ear Pads Pro 580i/ 780iSennheiser HZP 27 Ear Pads
Description Ear cushionsWax Guard SetEar Cup SetOn-ear Pad SetEarpadsEar PadsEar PadEar cushionsReplacement earringsEar cushions
MaterialImitation leather--Velour-Artificial leather-VelourVelour-
Shipping quantity1 Pair------1 Pair1 Pair1 Pair
Quantity--1 pair--1 pair----

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The Pioneer Ear Pad HDJ-2000 is an Earpads with a For HDJ-2000 headphones & Softskin. The retail price is 51.69 £.


Delivery includes1 piece

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