Pearl DR-511CE Drum Rack Expansion review: specs & price

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Name Tama PMD900A Power Tower RackTama PMD1100A Power Tower RackDixon PSO1800 Drum Rack CompletePearl DR-511E Drum Rack ExpansionDixon PSO80 Basis Drum Rack CompleteGibraltar SC-GPR435 Straight Rack TubePearl DR-513 Drum RackPearl DR-511CE Drum Rack ExpansionGibraltar GSVMS-DS Dual Snare BasketYamaha HXREXII Hexrack ExpansionGibraltar GSVMS Stealth Vert. MountingPearl DR-511 Drum RackPearl DR-513C Drum RackGibraltar GRS-125C Curved Rack ExtensionDW 9000 Main Drum Rack DWCPRKMAINGibraltar SC-GPR68 Single Pipe RackYamaha HXR2LII Hexrack DrumrackGibraltar SC-GPR46C Single PipeGibraltar GCS500H Adjustable RackPearl DR-511C Drum Rack
Description Extension RackExtension RackDrum rackBasic drum rackStraight Rack TubeDrum RackDrum RackStealth Vertical Mounting SystemRack Extension With Curved PipeMain drum rackSingle PipeDrum RackSingle PipeDrum Rack
Width900 mm1100 mm110 cm-----------------
Height850 mm850 mm92 cm-----------------
Diameter38 mm38 mm-------------38 mm----
Curved Rack Bar
Side Parts
Tube ProfileRoundRoundRoundU shapedRoundRoundU shapedU shapedRoundHexagonRoundU shapedU shapedRoundRoundRoundHexagonRoundRoundU shaped
Length-----110 cm---------176 cm (68 ")-116 cm--

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. The retail price is 163.31 £.


Curved Rack BarYes
Side PartsYes
Tube ProfileU shaped

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