Pearl CXBB-1 Tenor Back Bar review: specs & price

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Tom Adapter

The Pearl CXBB-1 Tenor Back Bar is a Tom Adapter with a Necessary for the assembly of marching tom toms.

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Name Lefima 7706w Adapter for Bass DrumLefima 471ALS Carrying SlingsLefima 510/4 Leg Bail 14"/6 ScrewsLefima 471Lw Carrying SlingsLefima 480 S Carrying SlingsLefima 7700w Stretcher Rack WhiteBold Bandeliere 0200 XL60Bold 0250/90 Carrying Slings SDBold 0250/120 Carrying Slings SDSonor ZM6552 Holder
Description AdapterCarrying StrapLeg BailCarrying SlingsYoung Person's Carrying SlingsCarrying rack for marching percussionShoulder Strap for Field DrumCarrying Sling for Snare DrumTube Wooden Drum
TypeAdapterShoulder StrapLeg BailShoulder StrapSnare Drum Carrying StrapMarching CarrierStrapCarrying StrapCarrying StrapAdapter
Material-Real leather----Real leather-Real leather-
Width-40 mm----50 mm---

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The Pearl CXBB-1 Tenor Back Bar is a Tom Adapter with a Necessary for the assembly of marching tom toms. The retail price is 42.29 £.



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