Osram HQI BT 400W/D E40 review: specs & price

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Metal Halide Lamp

The Osram HQI BT 400W/D E40 is a Metal Halide Lamp with a Single ended.

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Name GE Lighting CSR 2500/SE/HR/UV-CYODN MSD 150R3Osram HQI-TS Excel. 150W D 5600KOsram HTI 575W/D5/56Osram HTI 400 D3Osram HQI-TS Excel. 150W WDL 3000KOsram HMI575SELPhilips MSD 150/2Osram EMH 575 W/DE/75Osram Sirius HRI 440W 7000K
Description Single-Ended Discharge LampDischarge lampMetal Halide LampLampDischarge lampMetal Halide LampLampLampMetal halide lampLamp
Nominal power2500 W-----575 W---
Construction TypeSingle pin socketSingle pin socketBi pin socketBi pin socketBi pin socketBi pin socketSingle pin socketSingle pin socketBi pin socketSingle pin socket
Power in Watts2500 W150 W150 W575 W400 W150 W575 W150 W575 W440 W
Operating voltage-72 V-95 V--95 V---
Color / Color temperature [K]-8600 °5600 °5600 °7500 °3000 °6000 °8500 °7500 °7000 °
Ignition voltage--95 V--95 V----
Length--135 mm93 mm-135 mm----
Diameter--23 mm--23 mm----
Light current--13,500 lm--12,000 lm----
Average operation life--12000 h--12,000 hours----
Rated output---575W-----440 W
Colour temperature---5600 K7500K-6,000 K8,500k-7000 k
Average life---500 hours----750 hours-

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Osram Powerstar 400w GES E40 HQI-BT Daylight Metal halide Lamp Light Bulb
  • GES / E40 CAP. 15,000 HOUR AVERAGE LIFE. Docks and port facilities. Industrial installations. Sports halls and multi-purpose halls.
  • Item location: SWINDON, GB
Osram Powerstar HQI-BT 400 W/D PRO Daylight Tageslicht E40 400W Metalldampflampe
  • Zugelassen nur für geschlossene Leuchten.
  • Item location: Stahnsdorf, DE
4008321677860 Lampa metalohalogenkowa 400W E40 230V 6000K przeźroczysta HQI-BT 4
  • Ean: 4008321677860. Kod producenta: 4008321677860. Lampa solaryjna: Nie. Trzonek: E40. In countries,where other types of plugs are required, adapters might be needed. We add receipt to every product, if you would like to receive invoice - let us know and we will add invoice.
  • Item location: , PL
OSRAM Powerstar Hqi-Bt 400 W/D Pro Daylight Daylight E40 400W Metal Halide Lamp
  • Osram HQI-BT 400 / D PRO E40 FLH Powerstar Daylight Product description Osram HQI-BT 400 / D PRO Daylight Approved only for closed lights (Operation on a NAV ballast, when operating on HQI ballast approx. 15-20% less luminous flux).
  • Item location: , DE
2 X Osram Powerstar HQI-BT 400 W/D Pro Daylight E40
  • See pictures and item specifics for further details.
  • Item location: Yelm, US
Osram HQI-BT 400W / # G 4B2 1218 metal halide lamp
  • If you are not satisfied with the product - write to us.
  • Item location: , PL
Lampada Osram Powerstar Hqi - Bt  400w/d Pro Daylight E40 400w Hqi-bt
  • Corrente di lampada. Efficacia caratteristica della lampada. HQI-BT 400 W/D PRO. Sistema internazionale codifica lampade. Classificazioni specifiche del paese. 462 kWh/1000h. Consumo di energia. Classe di efficienza energetica.
  • Item location: San Tammaro, IT

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The Osram HQI BT 400W/D E40 is a Metal Halide Lamp with a Single ended. The retail price is 11.92 £.


Construction TypeSingle pin socket
Power in Watts400 W

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