Orange Rocker 15 Terror

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Amp Head for Electric Guitar

The Orange Rocker 15 Terror is an Amp Head for Electric Guitar with a 2 Channels, Natural Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Dirty Volume controls, Mono FX...

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Name Egnater Rebel-20 Head Bundle1Diezel D-Moll 100 Black Head BundleEich Amplification GT3500Magnatone Super Fifty-Nine MKII Head BKMagnatone Panoramic Stereo HeadRevv Dynamis 7-40w Head WHRevv Dynamis 7-40w Head IVHughes&Kettner GrandMeister Deluxe 40 Bundle4Tone King Imperial MK II Head TRQEvh 5150 III EVH Head IVR
Description Egnater Rebel-20 Mark IIDiezel D-Moll Classic HeadTube amp head for electric guitarTube Amp Head for Electric GuitarPanoramic stereo tube amp head for electric guitar40 Watt Electric Guitar Head40 W Compact Electric Guitar AmplifierHughes&Kettner GrandMeister Deluxe 40Tube Head for Electric GuitarGuitar Amp Head
Power20 W100 W35 W45 W45 W40 W40 W40 W20 W100 W
Weight7.5 kg-13 kg15.9 kg11.1 kg--7.7 kg11.3 kg27.2 kg
Power Amplifier Tubes6V6, EL84KT77ECC83EL34EL846V6GT6V6GTEL846V66L6
Preamp tubes--3x ECC834x 12AX7 & 1x 12DW73x 12AX7 and 1x 12DW7--3x 12AX73x 12AX7A-
Switches--Power, Standby, Impedance (4/8/16 Ohm), Full/Half Power, Pentode/Triode, Class AB/Class APower - StandbyStandby, Power-----
Speaker outputs--4, 8 and 16 Ohm4 ohm - 8 ohm - 16 ohm2x 8 ohm---8 - 16 ohms (6.3 mm jack)-
Dimensions (W x D x H)--535 x 265 x 235 mm-572 x 254 x 318 mm---572 x 229 x 267 mm-
Power tubes---2x EL344x EL84---2x 6V6-
Controls---2x Volume - Master - Treble - Mid - Bass - Presence - Speed - IntensityVolume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Intensity, Speed-----
Effects---Tremolo - VibratoVibrato, Tremolo, Reverb---Tubes Spring Reverb, Bias Modulated tremolo-
Connections---4x input (6.3 mm jack)High & Low Input (2x 6.3 mm jack) - Stereo Line Out (2x 6.3 mm jack)-----

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Any purchases made through our eBay or Amazon links may result in this site receiving a commission as an active participant in their affiliate programs.

Orange Rocker 15 Terror Bag
  • Orange Rocker Terror 15 Carrying Case.
  • Item location: DERBY, GB
generation x king rocker Orange
  • Nice and bright orange vinyl
  • Item location: WIGAN, GB
Orange Rocker Valve Amplifier
  • Original Orange Rocker 30 watt tube combo. This is an absolute classic and the best amp I’ve owned, chock full of the famous Orange tone, with warm cleans and a lovely organic overdrive.
  • Item location: SALISBURY, GB
Vintage Barbie & The Rockers Outfit 1985 orange top & trousers Derek T Shirt
  • Barbie & the rockers outfit. Orange top and paint splashed trousers for barbie & Derek's white t-shirt.
  • Item location: SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, GB
  • BLIZZARD FIREBIRD Ti 178 CM. Skis are in very good condition as the pictures. ALL SKIS ARE SENDING FROM AUSTRIA OR POLAND. ROCKER, WOODCORE, SANDWICH SIDEWALL. Radius: 15,5. Adjustable front and rear, for all size (260-380 mm).
  • Item location: , AT
Generation X King Rocker X 4 Colour Vinyl 1979 Fantastic Condition See ℹ️ Rare
  • Mark Laff anything from £40-£70. Mine are in the higher price due to condition, so the Average difference is £280.
  • Item location: OLDHAM, GB
Matchbox Lesney Rolamatics  No. 67 Hot Rocker 1973 . Spares & Repairs(d26cb)
  • On the bottom it reads 'Matchbox Rolamatics No.67 Hot Rocker made in England (c) 1973 lEsney Products & Co. Ltd Pat. App. 12174/72' 7.5cm long 3.1cm wide and 2.4cm tall approx. Condition: Wheels work ok but are worn and front wheels are a little buckled. Missing engine section. Minor paint wear. 
  • Item location: MIDDLESBROUGH, GB
Orange Rocker 15 Combo
  • An all tube design, the Rocker 15 from Orange is a highly versatile amplifier with more tricks up its fruity sleeves than one may expect! A valve-buffered effects loop, two footswitchable (switch not included) channels and the 10" speaker are just the tip of the Orange iceberg.
  • Item location: DERBY, GB
Volkl Two Freestyle skis, 176cm
  • Volkl Two Full Rocker Freestyle skis, 176cm. Used for a couple of weeks skiing but not been used on the park. Lovely skis and great fun in powder.
  • Item location: PETERBOROUGH, GB
Orange Rocker 15 15W Portable Combo Amplifier
  • With the Rocker 15 set wide open, smaller venues are comfortably taken care of despite the amp’s miniature footprint. Even when scaling back the power, the amp’s tone stays fat and full, oozing warm valve compression and saturation without disturbing the neighbours.
  • Item location: LEEDS, GB
Orange Rocker 32 Combo, Orange
  • If you like to keep things simple, the Rocker 32 can be connected just like any other mono amp, but the loop can also be patched in various ways to achieve stereo panning effects,a wet/dry setup or even torun separate effects chains to each speaker (with the help of a ABY splitter).
  • Item location: BRIGHTON, GB
Barbie Pink Colourways too | LUXURY Reclining Rocking Couch Chair / & Footstool
  • Specification chair+pedal. Rocker 1 pedal 1/Rocker 1. Color: orange (cloth), pink (cloth), yellow (cloth), gray (cloth), blue (cloth), green (cloth), yellow (flannelette), orange (flannelette), blue (flannelette), gray (flannelette).
  • Item location: , CN
Custom Embroidered ROCKER Back Patch MC Biker CLUB NAME Motorcycle Jacket Vest
  • This is an iron on/sew on patch. Also workwear such as polos, fleeces, shirts, aprons, T-Shirts. You can embroider any text you want.
  • Item location: , CN

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The Orange Rocker 15 Terror is an Amp Head for Electric Guitar with a 2 Channels, Natural Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Dirty Volume controls, Mono FX loop & Incl. Gigbag. The retail price is 513.96 £. Buy Orange Rocker 15 Terror at Thomann UK.


Power15 W
Tube assembly3x ECC83, 1x ECC81, 2x EL84
Speaker outputs1x 16 ohms, 2x 8 ohms
Weight6.4 kg
Power Amplifier TubesEL84

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