On-Stage Music Stand SM7122 Black review: specs & price

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Music Stand

The On-Stage Music Stand SM7122 Black is a Music Stand with a Detachable sheet music desk & 1-Way collapsible.

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Name K&M 12120 + 12125 Stop BarOn-Stage Music Stand SM7022BBK&M 118 Desk Only BeechK&M 12336 Score TrayK&M 118 Desk Only Wood BlackOn-Stage Music Stand SM7122 PurpleOn-Stage Music Stand SM7122 BlueMillenium Whiskey HolderOn-Stage Music Stand SM7222 PurpleOn-Stage SMSB6500 Sheet Music Stand Bag
Description Stop BarMusic StandSheet Music DeskScore trayMusic Stand PlateMusic StandMusic StandDrink HolderMusic StandTransport Bag for Music Stands
ColourBlackBlackNaturalBeech NaturalBlackVioletRoyal Blue-VioletBlack
Orchestral Music Stand--
Music Stand--
Sheet Music Holder--
Total height < 1.500mm--
Total height > 1.500mm--
Weight < 1,5kg--
Material-SteelNatural beech veneerMulti-bonded beech plywood-SteelSteel-SteelLinen
Max. Overall height-Approx. 1415 mm---Approx. 1244 mmApprox. 1244 mm-Approx. 1745 mm-
Music desk-Approx. 425 x 330 x 2 mm---Approx. 425 x 330 x 2 mmApprox. 425 x 330 x 2 mm-Approx. 425 x 330 x 2 mm-
Height of tripod-Approx. 660 to 1085 mm---Approx. 660 to 1016 mmApprox. 660 to 1016 mm-Approx. 508 to 1320 mm-
Tripod diameter (when collapsed)-Approx. 90 mm---Approx. 90 mmApprox. 90 mm-Approx. 90 mm-
Tripod length (when collapsed)-Approx. 540 mm---Approx. 540 mmApprox. 540 mm-Approx. 452 mm-
Weight-Approx. 1 kg-3.7 kg-Approx. 1.25 kgApprox. 1.25 kg0.4 kgApprox. 1.6 kg-
Dimensions--55 x 37 cm700 x 350 mm55 x 35.5 cm----Approx. 603 x 158 mm
Wood thickness--9 mm-10 mm-----

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The On-Stage Music Stand SM7122 Black is a Music Stand with a Detachable sheet music desk & 1-Way collapsible. The retail price is 14.13 £.


Max. Overall heightApprox. 1244 mm
Music deskApprox. 425 x 330 x 2 mm
Height of tripodApprox. 660 to 1016 mm
Tripod diameter (when collapsed)Approx. 90 mm
Tripod length (when collapsed)Approx. 540 mm
WeightApprox. 1.25 kg
Orchestral Music StandNo
Music StandYes
Sheet Music HolderNo
Total height < 1.500mmYes
Total height > 1.500mmNo
Weight < 1,5kgYes

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