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Active Loudspeaker with Lighting

The Numark Lightwave is an Active Loudspeaker with Lighting with a Class D amp, Two volume controls for input signals, XLR Link output for connecting an...

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Name Seeburg K 20 dp 60°the box Pyrit 10 A BundleKS audio CPD 10Seeburg K 20 dp 90°Seeburg Acoustic Line A6-dpKS audio CPD 12dB Technologies DVX D15 HPFBT Ventis 112AFBT Vertus CLA 206 ASyrincs S3A
Description HiMid SystemBundle offer comprising:2-Way Full-Range SpeakerHiMid SystemProfessional active multifunction speaker2-Way Full-range LoudspeakerActive 15" 2-Way SpeakerActive 2-way full-range speakerActive Full-range Loudspeaker
Equipment2x 10" Nd / 1,4" Nd--2x 10" Nd / 1,4" Nd12" ND woofer and 1" ND driver-----
Power LF1000W / HF--1000W / HF------
SPL (1W / peak @ 1 m)134dB--134dB------
Input signal25dBu--25dBu------
Latency0.8ms (analog in on analog out)--0.8ms (analog in on analog out)------
Frequency range70 - 18000 Hz (-6dB)-68 Hz - 19 kHz70 - 18000 Hz (-6dB)50 - 20,000 Hz58- 19,000 Hz49 - 20,000 Hz42 - 20,000 Hz (-6 dB)--
Beam angle60° x 50°--90° x 60°.------
Dimensions (H x W x D)660 x 300 x 360 mm--660 x 300 x 360 mm------
Weight22 kg-19.0 kg22 kg-25.0 kg30.3 kg20.6 kg-12 kg
ColourBlack--Black--BlackBlack-Grey /black
Multifunctional Housing
Pole Mount
Woofer size2x 10"1x 10"1x 10"2x 10"1x 12"1x 12"1x 15"1x 12"2x 6,5"1x 10"
Tweeter, 1" and Larger
Weight in kg22,0 kg13,8 kg19,0 kg22,0 kg16,8 kg25,0 kg30,3 kg20,6 kg-12,0 kg
Power--600 Watt RMS-2x 500 W1000 W RMS1400 W peak, 700 W RMS700 W Class D (LF) and 200 W Class H (HF)--
Equipped with--10" Neodymium woofer 1.4" ND compression driver--12" neodymium woofer, 1.4" ND Compression driver---10"/ 1"
Dimensions--510 x 290 x 350 mm-606 x 360 x 340 mm580 x 350 x 410 mm----
Dimensions (W x H x D)------430 x 690 x 450 mm387 x 665 x 380 mm-310 x 460 x 295 mm

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Single Numark Lighwave Loudspeaker With Built In Light Show - Sale
  • Numark Lightwave Features Connectivity is a breeze with the system able to handle multiple different inputs. A very nice touch is the ability to easily be driven by your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop etc via a standard 3.5mm Jack cable (not supplied).
  • Item location: WINCANTON, GB
Two Numark Lighwave Speakers + two Premium Triple Phono (RCA) 5 metre cables
  • Pair of "New" Numark Lightwave Speakers. Numark Lightwave Features The Cables provide 3 RCA lead connections so one i spare. They are normally used for Triple Phono conenctions~. Multiple Speakers can be driven via different inputs to allow each Speaker to display a potentially different colour (See photos).
  • Item location: WINCANTON, GB
Numark Lightwave Cash Amplified DJ 200 W LED Colored bars (x2h)
  • CASSA ATTIVA CON LED 6"/1" 100W. Trasduttori: 3x Woofer da 6", 1x tweeter da 1". Ingressi: Combo (XLR e jack da 1/4"), RCA e mini jack stereo da 1/8". Diffusore audio amplificato in Classe D da 200W di picco (100W continui).
  • Item location: Baronissi, IT

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Numark Lightwave Demo

#Numark Lightwave Speakers Review: By John Young of the Disc Jockey News

[1/4] 高音質なパーリースピーカー!Numarkから「Light Wave」の誕生です!!

numark lightwave speakers

Numark Lightwave Portable Powered DJ Loudspeaker Teaser | Full Compass


The Numark Lightwave is an Active Loudspeaker with Lighting with a Class D amp, Two volume controls for input signals, XLR Link output for connecting an additonal loudspeaker or subwoofer, Rubber feet, 36 mm Flange for a speaker stand, Robust housing protects against scratches and dirt, Integrated dual-LED light strip provides an atmospheric light show, Possibility to control the LED brightness or disable lighting, Adds a powerful sound and visual flair to any party, Compact format for fast assembly and disassembly & Perfect for parties, karaoke or other events. The retail price is 216.36 £.


Equipped with3 Woofer 6.5" and 1" tweeter
Power200 W of peak power, 100 W of continuous class D amplification
InputsXLR/6.3 mm jack, stereo RCA and 3.5 mm stereo jack for a DJ mixer, microphone or instruments
Five light modesiMood, Meter, Mix, Pulse, Party
Colour selectionThe proportion of red, blue and green light can be freely determined
Dimensions213 x 742 x 254 mm
Weight10.4 kg
Multifunctional HousingNo
Pole MountYes
Woofer size3x 6,5"
Tweeter, 1" and LargerYes
Weight in kg10,4 kg

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