Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock USB black review: specs & price

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Audiophile USB Interface, Audio Re-Clocker and Lowest-Jitter Master Clock

The Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock USB black is an Audiophile USB Interface, Audio Re-Clocker and Lowest-Jitter Master Clock with a MUTEC 1G Clock technology and...

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Name Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MK3Drawmer DMS-2 D-ClockTascam CG-2000Avid Sync HDTascam CG-1000Sonifex Redbox RB-DDA6WMutec MC-7RME WCM HDSP 9632Doepfer MSY2Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock silver
Description Word Clock Generator - The new generationWord Clock Distribution UnitMasterclock GeneratorMaster Clock and Sync GeneratorMaster clock generator6-Unit Wordclock Distribution AmplifierWord Clock Distribution Amplifier and Audio Clock ConverterWord Clock Module I/OMidi Clock/Sync InterfaceDigital Audio Master Clock Generator
Weight1 kg-3.3 kg2.27 kg3.1 kg----1260 g
Design--19" / 1 U-19" / 1 U-----
Dimensions--483 x 44 x 310 mm48.3 x 27.7 x 4.5 cm483 x 44 x 310 mm28 cm (W) x 10.8 cm (D) x 4.2 cm (H)--60 x 60x 35 mm196 x 42 x 156 mm

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Mutec MC3+ Smart Clock USB with Linear Power Supply
  • I was alerted to the benefits of this approach in a long-running thread on Audiophilestyle. The mains input has been made safe (unplugged internally and so, again, easily reversible) and the DC umbilical has been led out through an existing hole in the base, very slightly enlarged.
  • Item location: STOWMARKET, GB
Mutec MC-3.2 HD Smart Clock Audio / Video
  • Mutec MC-3.2 HD Smart Clock. Extremely accurate SD and HD clock for Audio and Video.Used, but fully working.Comes with UK mains cable.
  • Item location: SWINDON, GB
Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock Lowest-Jitter Master clock and Audio Re-Clocker
  • The new MC-3+ Smart Clock works not only as generator, but also as clock distributor. Unlike other products, the MC-3+ effectively regenerates incoming clock signals to higher purity as the signal source. This helps to stabilize already existing clock systems and improves the level of sound reproduction quality in your studio environment. In cases when the MC-3+"s digitally-compensated clock accuracy is not sufficient, it is possible to lock the system to references of higher accuracy like so-called Atomic clocks or GPS receivers to raise the timing accuracy to the highest possible level. Additional to that, for the use during live events or in mobile trucks, the MC-3+ features anytime-fail-safe clock generation in every state of operation. Entering the hold-over-mode and re-synchronizatio.
  • Item location: , US
Mutec mc-3+ Smart Clock USB S/P-F, BNC, RCA Opt. clock rates 1,536.0khz 9.5
  • MUTEC MC-3+ Smart Clock USB is setting a new benchmark for clocking technology and the reproduction of digital audio by uniquely combining an audiophile USB interface with an audio re-clocker in perfection!
  • Item location: Ardea, IT
Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock Lowest-Jitter Master Clock and Audio Re-Clocker
  • Mutec MC-3+ Lowest-Jitter Master Smart Clock and Audio Re-Clocker. Manufacturer: Mutec. It is widely known that a master clock changes the sound quality of digital audio devices more or less to a higher level.
  • Item location: Sacramento, US


The Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock USB black is an Audiophile USB Interface, Audio Re-Clocker and Lowest-Jitter Master Clock with a MUTEC 1G Clock technology and REVIVE re-clocking of the latest generation, Audiophile, asynchronous 2-channel USB interface with ultra low noise audio clock oscillators and galvanic insulation to prevent HF interference, Effective network filtering and low noise, Multi-stage power supply, Regenerates and audibly improves the audio quality of USB audio and DSD/DoP streams as well as connected devices, Offers unique, externally-referenced Re-Clocking, Synchronises with rubidium/cesium atomic clocks or GPS receivers, Works as a flexible digital switching matrix, audio format converter and master clock, Converts between USB-PCM audio, USB DSD/DoP audio, AES3 and S/P-DIF and AES11 and Word Clock, Ultra-low jitter word clock generation with clock rates up to 1,536.0 kHz, Synchronises with rubidium (10 MHz), cesium (5 MHz) and GPS clock references, Outputs clock signals fail-safe in any state of operation, Update capability via USB interface, Compatible with Apple Macintosh and Windows PC, Built-in international power supply unit, Space saving 9.5" housing & Rack mountable. The retail price is 856.78 £.


Dimensions196 x 42 x 156 mm
Weight1350 g

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