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Virtual acoustic guitar

The MusicLab RealGuitar 5 is a Virtual acoustic guitar with a Contains RealGuitar Classic with all original models, as well as the new RealGuitar Steel...

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Name Rob Papen Punch 2Toontrack EZkeys BundleMeldaProduction MPowerSynthAmple Sound Ample Bass Acoustic IIISoniccouture GeosonicsEvolution Series World Percussion CoreSoniccouture Box Of TricksSoniccouture ClavAmple Sound China PipaMeldaProduction MDrummerujam Virtual Bassist Rowdyujam Virtual Drummer Heavy 2Soniccouture OndesVir2 World Impact Global PercussionAmple Sound Ample Guitar LP IIIVSL Special Edition Vol. 2Best Service Emotional Violin CrossgradeVir2 Acou6ticsSoniccouture Glass-Worksujam Virtual Drummer Solid 2
Description Virtual Drum Computer (Download)Virtual InstrumentVirtual Synthesiser (Download)Bass PluginVirtual Instrument (Download)Virtual percussion instrument (download)Virtual Instrument (Download)Virtual Clavinet (Download)Instrument Plug-in (Download)Virtual Drum Production Studio (Download)Virtual Electric Bass (Download)Virtual Instrument (Download)Virtual Percussion Instrument (Download)Virtual Electric Guitar (Download)Virtual Violin (Download)Crossgrade from Best Service Emotional CelloVirtual Instrument (Download)
Single/Bundle articleLos artikelBundleLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikel
Akustik Keys/Pianos
Beat production / Drum machines
Wind Instruments
Cinematic / Effects
Chorus / Vocals
Drums / Percussion
Ethno / Folk
Guitars/plucked instruments
Orchestra Instruments
String Bass
String Instruments
Vintage Instrument
Hardware Controller
Copy protectionChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseSerial NumberChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseILok License Manager, iLokSerial NumberChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseELicenserChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseChallenge-Response
Stand Alone
AAX Native
Audio Units

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Musiclab RealGuitar 5

152.99£ 1 20d


The MusicLab RealGuitar 5 is a Virtual acoustic guitar with a Contains RealGuitar Classic with all original models, as well as the new RealGuitar Steel String guitar sets, RealGuitar Steel String offers 6- and 7-string, as well as baritone guitar tunings, 12-stringed standard- and steel-string guitars, as well as a 14-string steel-string guitar, Nashville tuning for steel-string guitars, Authentic velocity with controllable buzz and slap sounds, Up to 30 different samples for repeated notes; stereo, mono, and double output options, Multi-performance mode enables the combination of different guitar techniques (strumming, solo, string picking, etc.), within a single performance layout using just the velocity of pressed keys., Implementation of MIDI data via multi-channel sample layering technology, Floating Fret Position- and original Guitar Touch technology, Automatic chord conversion of MIDI keyboard to guitar playing style, Chord editor for your own chord implementations, Definable key switches, Pattern Manager with many preset patterns for rhythm guitar for the easy creation of backing tracks, Synchronisation with host's tempo, start/stop, beats, loop, time signature... & Struminator technology enables the integration of alternative MIDI controllers such as, ex., the Guitar Hero controller. The retail price is 160.49 £.


Various guitar playing techniquesPlucking, strumming, muting, sliding, etc.
Supported formatsStandalone / VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAXnative
Single/Bundle articleLos artikel
Akustik Keys/PianosNo
Beat production / Drum machinesNo
Wind InstrumentsNo
Cinematic / EffectsNo
Chorus / VocalsNo
Drums / PercussionNo
Ethno / FolkNo
Guitars/plucked instrumentsYes
Orchestra InstrumentsNo
String BassNo
String InstrumentsNo
Vintage InstrumentNo
Hardware ControllerNo
Copy protectionChallenge-Response
Stand AloneYes
AAX NativeYes
Audio UnitsYes

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