Music Man Stingray 4 Special HH MN BA review: specs & price

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Electric Bass

The Music Man Stingray 4 Special HH MN BA is an Electric Bass with a Includes a case & Made in the USA.

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Name Warwick RB Streamer LX 4 SB HPWarwick RB Corvette $$ 4 BR TSWarwick RB Fortress 4 HVTSWarwick RB Corvette Premium 4 NTHPWarwick RB Streamer LX 4 MR HPWarwick RB Corvette B 4 SBHPWarwick RockBass Infinity 4 NTHPWarwick RB Streamer NT 4 NA HPWarwick RockBass Streamer 4 SBHWarwick RB Corvette $$ 4 SW HP
Description Electric BassElectric BassE-BassElectric bass4-String Electric BassElectric Bass4-String Electric BassElectric BassElectric BassElectric Bass
Arched bodyCarolina-------Carolina-
Fretboard radius508 mm508 mm (20")---508 mm (20")-508 mm508 mm (20")508 mm (20")
ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong Scale
Nut width38.5 mm38.5 mm38.5 mm38.5 mm-38.5 mm-38.5 mm38.5 mm38.5 mm
String spacing19 mm--19 mm19 mm--19 mm19 mm19 mm
WeightApprox. 3.8 kg-Approximately 4.2 kgApprox. 3.7 kg-Approx. 3.5 kg-About 4.3 kgApprox. 3.7 kg-
SoundboardCarolinaAshAshAlder, Maple TopCarolinaAlderAlderAlderCarolinaAsh
NeckMaple, EkangaMapleMaple, EkangaMaple, EkangaMaple, EkangaMaple, EkangaMapleMaple, EkangaMapleMaple
Incl. Case
Incl. Bag
String distance-19 mm16.5 mm-------
Pickup--2 active MEC P / JActive MEC J / J---Active MEC P / J--
Factory stringing--Warwick RED (42200 M) .045" - . 105"Warwick RED (42200 M) .045" - .105"------
3-Piece neck-----Laminated, maple with ekanga veneer strips-Maple with Ekanga veneer strips, laminated--
Neck attachment-----Bolt-on---Bolt-on
Nut-----Just-A-Nut III (made from Tedur)---Just a Nut III Tedur
Electronics-----Active 2-band---Active RockBass 2-Vand
Controls-----Volume / Balance / Treble / Bass---Volume, Balance, Treble, Bass
Distance from E to G string-----57 mm---57 mm
Strings-----Warwick RED (42200 M) .045" - .105"-Warwick RED (42200 M) .045"- .105"Warwick RED .045"- .105"Warwick RED (42200 M) .045"-. 105"
Finish-----High-gloss---Transparent Matte

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Musicman Stingray 5 String Bass Guitar USA 1995 Ernie Ball
  • A lovely Ernie Ball Musicman 5 string bass in a beautiful transparent teal colour. It has a three band EQ with the three position switch similar to my Sterling. The neck is shallow and string spacing 17.5mms, very low action and the trussrod functions as it ought to.
  • Item location: LANCASTER, GB
Sterling (by Music Man) SUB series, Sting Ray 5
  • Sterling (by Music Man) SUB series, Sting Ray 5. Bass is in great condition - tbh i’d confidently describe it as ‘like new’Only reason I’m selling is because I’m a simpleton and can’t get on with 5 strings! The neck feels great imo, there are no marks/dents etc on there. The action feels great to me, nice and low but without buzzing on the frets all the time. The pick-up sounds really good too, loud and punchy.I have a proper shipping box that my 4 string bass bass came in, so should be fine for shipping. Although collection is also fine
  • Item location: CASTLEFORD, GB
Musicman Stingray sub USA - made in USA 2000s
  • So much better than the modern Sterling Ray 34. I shot this out against one and the sound of this is just far better - mainly due to the USA musicman components. Don’t get a Sterling, I’ve already made that mistake.
  • Item location: ROSSENDALE, GB
Sterling by Musicman RaySS4 StingRay Short Scale Bass Guitar, Black
  • Sterling by Musicman RaySS4 StingRay Short Scale Bass Guitar, Black. Fantastic condition 30 inch short scale bass guitar.Downside mahogany body in classic blackSleek maple neck with 22 frets and a 48mm nut widthNice and light and balance’s nice on the strap One humbucker with neodinyium magnetsControls are master volume with a push knob for a extra 20db boostA 3 way rotary switch series, single coil and parallel modeOne master tone knob.Tortoise shell pick guardNicely set up with daddario 45 -100 nickel round wound strings
  • Item location: CINDERFORD, GB
Musicman Stingray 4 Bass, Mint Green, Rare, Excellent Condition, with case
  • Model StingRay 3 EQ H. Build Code 110-82-12-07-CS-CR. Color Mint Green. Pickguard Mint Pickguard.
  • Item location: HAVERFORDWEST, GB
Sterling by Musicman Ray34 Stingray Bass Guitar
  • Sterling by Musicman Ray34 Stingray Bass Guitar. Immaculate condition, never gigged. Lovely rare swamp ash body and roasted neck. Active bass. Sounds amazing. These are basically pre 2017 Stingrays but assembled outside the musicman factory. Check out the youtube videos. Pick up Leyland Lancashire.
  • Item location: LEYLAND, GB
musicman stingray 5
  • Pickguard is a musicman Pearl one from the 90’s and looks stunning. They’re magic.
  • Item location: MANCHESTER, GB
  • ERNIE BALL STINGRAY 5 STRING IN STUNNING RED WITH WHITE PICK-UP. Legendary bass, no real need to add anything really.
  • Item location: SHREWSBURY, GB
Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray
  • Collection only. Hardcase included.
  • Item location: CAMBRIDGE, GB
Musicman Stingray Tim Commerford Shortscale Passive 4 string Special.No 47 of 50
  • Limited edition,Number 47 of 50 made. In particular, the passive full-scale and active short-scale models have a composition that Musicman has never challenged before. Tim has been using StingRay for many years and this collaboration is a natural fruit of his unchanging passion for StingRay.
  • Item location: DUNDEE, GB
Musicman Stingray USA 1995 With Hard Case
  • This product data sheet is originally written in English. Neck: Almost straight. Set Includes Hard case. Model Year 1995. Type Electric Bass Guitar. String height: Can be lowered considerably (varies by individual).
  • Item location: , JP
MUSIC MAN STINGRAY 5 - NATURAL - Bass Electric 5 Strings
  • We sell to several stores before making an order by paying in advance to contact us to prevent the item from ending at the time thanks. Sales made in the United Kingdom having left the European community are subject to a customs duty of 20% Banti store is not responsible for customs costs. We sell on different points of sale before placing an order by paying in advance contact us to avoid that the object is finished in the moment thank you.  MUSIC MAN STINGRAY 5 - NATURAL Glossy polyester body finish Handle finish oil and wax Music Man bridge in chromed tempered steel with stainless steel saddles Chrome-plated Schaller tuners 1 Music Man humbucker with AlNiCo magnets and Phantom Coil Active preamp with 3-band EQ Ernie Ball Super Slinky Bass Strings .045 .065 .080 .100 .130 Dimensions 116.2.
  • Item location: , IT

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The Music Man Stingray 4 Special HH MN BA is an Electric Bass with a Includes a case & Made in the USA. The retail price is 2057.89 £. Buy Music Man Stingray 4 Special HH MN BA at Thomann UK.


Neck attachmentBolt-on (5-bolt)
Fretboard inlaysDot
Nut width41.3 mm (1.63")
ScaleLong Scale
Fretboard radius11"
PreampActive 3-band 18 V
ControlsMaster Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass
BridgeMusic Man 2018 Compact aluminum
Machine headsMusic Man 2018 aluminium
Incl. CaseYes
Incl. BagNo

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