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USB and Firewire hybrid audio interface

The MOTU Track16 is an USB and Firewire hybrid audio interface with a 24 bits 192 kHz, 8 analog inputs and outputs, Inputs for microphones (including phantom...

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Name Metric Halo LIO-8 3dCentrance MixerFace R4Miditech Guitarface IIXsonic Xtone Duo Interface/Foot ContrM-Audio AIR 192|8Arturia AudioFuse StudioTascam US-16x08 Recording BundleMidiplus Studio 4iConnectivity Connect Audio 2/4BandLab Link Digital Duo
Description USB-C Audio InterfaceMobile and Compact Recording InterfaceClass Compliant USB Audio InterfaceAudio Interface for Guitar and BassUSB Audio InterfaceUSB 2.0 Audio InterfaceTascam US-16x08USB Audio InterfaceUSB 2.0 Audio Interface2-Way USB Audio Interface
Recording / Playback Channels16x162x22x20x22x418x2016x84x62x22x2
Number of Mic Inputs0201248222
Number of Line Inputs8220288422
Number of Instrument Inputs2201242202
Number of Line Outs10223468621
Headphone Outs1101121111
Phantom power
Number of S/PDIF Connectors0000020000
Number of ADAT Connectors0000040000
Numer of AES/EBU Connectors4000000000
Number of MADI Connectors0000000000
Other ConnectorsUSBUSB3x USB HUBUSB
MIDI interface
Word Clock1xIn, 1xOut1xIn, 1xOut
Max. sample rate (kHz)192 kHz192 kHz48 kHz192 kHz192 kHz192 kHz96 kHz192 kHz96 kHz44,1 kHz
Max. resolution in bit24 bit24 bit16 bit24 bit24 bit24 bit24 bit24 bit24 bit16 bit
USB Bus-Powered
Incl. power supply
USB VersionUSB C2. C2.
Width in mm0 mm70 mm0 mm129 mm198 mm265 mm445 mm191 mm214 mm-
Depth in mm0 mm121 mm0 mm98 mm152 mm160 mm219 mm120 mm140 mm-
Height in mm0 mm36 mm0 mm54 mm71 mm72 mm59 mm48 mm37 mm42 mm
Dimensions-121 x 70 x 36 mm---265 x 160 x 72 mm-187 x 135 x 48 mm--
Weight-260 g-355 g0.9 kg--690 g0.965 kg-
Dimensions (W x D x H)---129 x 98 x 54 mm-----167 x 42 x 77 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D)----198 x 71 x 152 mm---214 x 37 x 140 mm-
System requirements----USB 2.0 or USB C, Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit, or Mac OS X 10.8 or newer)---MacOS 10.8 or higher, Windows 7 or higher, Linux or iOS, free USB port-

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The MOTU Track16 is an USB and Firewire hybrid audio interface with a 24 bits 192 kHz, 8 analog inputs and outputs, Inputs for microphones (including phantom power), Guitars and line signals, 1x ADAT / S / PDIF input and output, Sym. and unsym. Input / Output, 2 headphone outputs (3.5mm and 6.3mm), Standalone function - operating as a 16 channel digital mixer without computer, MIDI input and output, DSP mixer with EQ and compressor for each input / output channel, 4 x 14 LED display, 10 backlit buttons, Extensive software for real-time analysis and more, SMPTE timecode, Including power supply & Windows and Mac drivers with 32 and 64 bit (requires Windows as of Vist SP2 Mac 10.5.8 - PPC G5 and Intel). The retail price is 417.43 £.


Computer connection1x Firewire 400 (Type B - Bus powered) and 1x USB 2.0 (without bus power)
Recording / Playback Channels16x14
Number of Mic Inputs2
Number of Line Inputs4
Number of Instrument Inputs2
Number of Line Outs6
Headphone Outs1
Phantom powerYes
Number of S/PDIF Connectors0
Number of ADAT Connectors1
Numer of AES/EBU Connectors0
Number of MADI Connectors0
Other ConnectorsNo
MIDI interfaceYes
Word ClockNo
Max. sample rate (kHz)192 kHz
Max. resolution in bit24 bit
USB Bus-PoweredNo
Incl. power supplyYes
USB Version2.0
Width in mm127 mm
Depth in mm213 mm
Height in mm29 mm

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