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Semi-modular analogue percussion synthesizer

The Moog DFAM is a Semi-modular analogue percussion synthesizer with a Two oscillators with square and triangle waveforms and white noise generator,...

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Name Twisted Electrons Acid 8 MKIIStudio Electronics Boomstar SE80 MKIIAnalogue Solutions TreadstoneHypersynth XenophoneASM Hydrasynth DesktopSonicsmith Modulor A1Twisted Electrons AY3 MKIIVermona DRM 1 MKIII S/B Sides Case SetAnalogue Solutions Leipzig-SKetron Klavi Pro Piano-ExpanderSonicsmith Squaver P1+Waldorf Pulse 2Twisted Electrons therapKidSonicsmith ConVertor+Roland SH-01A-RD redIK Multimedia UNO-UNO BundleMalekko MantherMFB Dominion ClubGSi Gemini RackMiditech Pianobox
Description Hybrid Digital / Analog Acid Synth EngineMonophonic SynthesizerAnalog synthesizerMonophonic SynthesizerDigital Wavemorphing SynthesiserSemi-Modular Analog SynthesizerChip Tune SynthesizerVermona DRM 1 MKIII Silver/BlackMonophonic Analog Synthesizer with Step SequencerKlavi Pro Piano-ExpanderAudio-controlled Semi-modular SynthesizerAnalogue Monophonic SynthesiserDuophonic SynthesiserAudio-controlled Semi-modular SynthesizerSynthesiserBundle offer comprising:Analogue Monophonic SynthesizerExpanderOrgan Expander in Rack formatGM Sound Module
Dimensions210 x 100 x 45 mm-134 x 125 x 52 mm328 x 167 x 50 mm440 x 223 x 70 mm100 x 60 x 90 mm140 x 100 x 45 mm---190 x 60 x 200 mm-185 x 95 x 30 mm130 x 60 x 130 mm----48.5 x 4.5 x 19 cm-
Weight400 g-420 g1.3 kg3.6 kg350 g300 g--0.6 kg1.25 kg-0.7 kg650 g--1.8 kg-2.0 kg-
DesignDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktopFootpedalDesktop19" / 5UExpanderDesktopFootpedalDesktopDesktopFootpedalDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktop19" / 1UDesktop
Sound GenerationDigitalAnalogueAnalogueAnalogueDigitalAnalogueDigitalAnalogueAnalogueSample BasedAnalogueAnalogueDigitalAnalogueVirtual AnalogueAnalogueAnalogueAnalogueVirtual AnalogueSample Based
MIDI interface1x In, 1x Out1x In, 1x Out-1x In, 1x Out1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru1x In1x In, 1x Thru1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru1x In, 1x Thru1x In1x In1x In, 1x Out, USB1x In, 1x Out, USB-1x In, 1x Out/Thru2x MIDI in1x In, 1x Out
Storage MediumInternalNoneNoneComputer, InternNoneNoneInternalNoneNoneNoneNoneUSB to HostInternalNoneInternalNoneInternalNoneFlash MemoryNone
Number of Analog Outputs111221210121121111121
Digital Output
Connections-------Total output and eight individual Outputs / Inserts, Headphone Output, Midi In, Thru---USB, MIDI, analogue input, stereo line output, headphone-output--------
Dimensions (W x D x H)--------------300 x 128 x 46 mm-35.6 x 24.1 x 12.7 cm---

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Moog Mother32 and DFAM Gig Bag

96.02£ 98.0£ 24d


The Moog DFAM is a Semi-modular analogue percussion synthesizer with a Two oscillators with square and triangle waveforms and white noise generator, Switchable low pass / high pass 4-pole transistor ladder filter, 20 - 20,000 Hz, Analog 8-step sequencer, Integrated patchbay 24x 3.5 mm mini jack, Line output via 6.3 mm jack, Headphone output via 6.3 mm jack & Includes external power supply and a set of Moog patch cables. The retail price is 477.88 £.


Patchbay InputsTrigger, VCA CV, Velocity, VCA Decay, external audio, VCF decay, noise level, VCO decay, VCF mod, VCO 1 CV, 1-2 FM amount, VCO 2 CV, tempo, run / stop, advance / clock
Patchbay outputsVCA, VCA EG, VCF EG, EC VCO, VCO 1, VCO 2, trigger, velocity, pitch
Dimensions (W x H x D)319 x 107 x 133 mm
FormatEurorack 60 HP x 26 mm (W x D)
WeightApprox. 1.59 kg
Sound GenerationAnalogue
MIDI interfaceNo
Storage MediumNone
Number of Analog Outputs1
Digital OutputNo

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