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Effects Pedal

The Mooer Micro Preamp Live is an Effects Pedal with a Preamp Modeller, Digital way of working, 50 Different authentic replicas of real tube amplifiers, 12...

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Name JHS Pedals Kilt V2Thermion Uprising BoosterJ. Rockett Audio Designs Steampunk Boost/BufferSolid Gold FX Funkzilla Envelope FilterDophix Perseo BoostRed Panda BitmapJ. Rockett Audio Designs Tim Pierce Signature OD/BoostRockman Bass AceWay Huge Supa-Lead Overdrive MkIIIMooer Micro Preamp 018
Description Effect Pedal for Electric GuitarEffect pedalEffect PedalEffect Pedal for Electric Guitar & BassEffect pedal for electric guitarEffect pedal for electric guitarElectric Guitar Effect PedalHeadphone AmplifierEffect PedalEffects Pedal
Weight260 g395 g340 g---592 g-270 g160 g
Effect TypesBoosterBoosterBooster & BufferEnvelope FilterBoosterBitcrusherBoosterAmp SimulatorOverdrivePreamp
Controls-Hi Boost, Lo Cut, Level G, Level R, Gain-Speed, Mode, Depth, Freq, Attack-Mix, Crush / Rate, Freq, Level----
LED-Effect On-Speed/Filter, Effect OnEffect On-----
Input and output-6.3 mm Jack-6.3 mm jack-6.3 mm mono jack, mounted on the front----
Current consumption-20 mA-15 mA19 mA---15 mA300 mA
Dimensions (W x D x H)-100 x 120 x 50 mm32 x 89 x 45 mm119 x 94 x 30 mm60 x 112 x 31 mmWeight---61 x 104 x 53 mm-
Dimensions (L x W x H)-----106 x 80 x 47 mm---94 x 42 x 52 mm

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Amps - Do We Still Need Them? (Mooer Micro Preamp Live Review)

Mooer Preamp Live | In-Depth Review


Mooer Preamp Live


The Mooer Micro Preamp Live is an Effects Pedal with a Preamp Modeller, Digital way of working, 50 Different authentic replicas of real tube amplifiers, 12 Independent channels in 3 banks, 30 Different cab simulations, Iindividually assignable to each channel, Support of third-party IRs (maximum sample length 23.2 ms / 1024 points), TONE CAPTURE Feature to create advanced EQ stages based on sampled external amplifiers or other equipment, MIDI compatibility, Additional setup options via Peamp LIVE Software (Windows / Mac) or Mobile App (Android / Apple), 3-Band EQ, Integrated switchable pre / post boost, Integrated switchable pre / post noise gate, Integrated serial effects loop, True bypass, Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble, Gain and Boost controls, 1 / Source footswitch, 2 / Target footswitch, 3 / Capture footswitch, 4 / Active footswitch, Status LEDs, Metal housing, 6.3 mm Mono jacks IN / OUT, 6.3 mm Mono jacks SEND / RETURN effect path, Ground lift switch, Balanced XLR output for connection to PA equipment or audio interfaces, DIN-5 pin MIDI IN / OUT, 3.5 mm Stereo phone jacks output, USB B socket for connection to PC and MAC, Power supply via supplied 12V DC power supply with 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel connector and polarity (-) inside & Preamp LIVE software (compatible with Windows and Mac) and Mobile App (for Android or Apple) available online. The retail price is 319.5 £.


Power consumption600 mA
Dimensions (L x W x H)230 x 130 x 46 mm
Weight1180 g
Effect TypesMulti Preamp

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