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Microphone Stand with Boom Arm

The Millenium MS 2003 is a Microphone Stand with Boom Arm with a Folding feet with die-cast base, 3/8" Thread in the microphone clip & Height is adjustable...

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Name Triad-Orbit Orbit O2On-Stage MS8312On-Stage MS7325On-Stage MS7613beyerdynamic ST 99Yellowtec MiKA System Pole StingOn-Stage MS8301Yellowtec MiKA Mikrofonarm YT3208On-Stage MS7801WYellowtec MiKA MMS Wall Adapter YT3295On-Stage MS7701TBTriad-Orbit Triad T-ESK&M 211 Boom Arm verchromtOn-Stage MS7255PGMillenium MS 2007 YellowOn-Stage SB96+Triad-Orbit IO-A1AUltimate Pro-SBOn-Stage DS7200QRBOn-Stage DS6213
Description Microphone Boom Extension - 2-Arm BoomAdjustable Microphone StandMicrophone StandSpecial Bass Drum Micro Tripod StandJointAdjustable Microphone StandMicrophoneMicrophone Stand with Boom ArmWall AdapterMicrophone Stand with Telescopic Boom Arm1-Meter ExtensionBoom ArmOne-Hand StandProfessional Microphone StandMicrophone Studio Stand with CastersShort Telescopic ArmMicrophone StandDesktop Microphone StandTable Stand with Gooseneck
Weight2.2 kg-----2.2 kg-2.5 kg-2.6 kg0.5 kg0.8 kgCirca 4 kg2.14 kg--6.2 kg--
Height in mm0 mm1041 mm – 1752 mm864 mm – 1549 mm910 mm – 1650 mm150 mm0 mm990 mm – 1600 mm200 mm – 670 mm940 mm – 1626 mm0 mm813 mm – 1562 mm0 mm0 mm965 mm – 1550 mm1050 mm – 1600 mm1143 mm – 1930 mm0 mm950 mm – 1470 mm241 mm – 406 mm355 mm
Boom Arm Length in mm430 mm – 610 mm--0 mm0 mm0 mm-0 mm0 mm – 787 mm0 mm510 mm – 914 mm0 mm840 mm-435 mm – 700 mm1092 mm – 2006 mm241 mm – 318 mm0 mm--
ColourBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackChrome PlatedBlackBlackWhite-BlackBlackNickel PlatetBlackYellowBlackBlackBlackBlackBlack
BaseNoneRound BaseStack BaseBaseTripodMounting PlateTripodNoneTripodBaseTripodNoneNoneRound BaseTripodFour legs with wheelsTripodStack BaseRound BaseU-form
Height adjustable-104-175 cm87-155 cm---99-160 cm-94-162 cm-81-156 cm----114-193 cm----
Length-------Max. 67 cm---100 cm----24.1 - 31.75 cm---
Thread----------5/8" (tpi 27)----5/8" (tpi 27)----
Height--------------1050 - 1600 mm--Adjustable from 950 to 1470 mm--

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The Millenium MS 2003 is a Microphone Stand with Boom Arm with a Folding feet with die-cast base, 3/8" Thread in the microphone clip & Height is adjustable from 105 to 170 cm. The retail price is 17.32 £.


Boom arm75 cm
Height in mm1050 mm – 1700 mm
Boom Arm Length in mm750 mm

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