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Bongo Set

The Millenium MB202HWR is a Bongo Set with a Professional tensioning system, Natural drum heads & Very robust.

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Name Meinl WB400VR-M Woodcraft BongosMeinl WB400VBK-M Woodcraft BongosMeinl WB200SNT-M BongosetMeinl Marathon Designer Bongos WHMMeinl FWB400GAB Bongoset Free RideMeinl HB100SNT-M Bongo SetMeinl FWB400EBK Bongoset Free RideLP 601NY-VSB City Serie Bongo SetMeinl MB400DB-M Bongo SetLP 794X
Description BongosBongosBongo SetBongosBongo SetBongosetWood BongosBongo SetBongosetFibreglass Bongo Set
Sizes7" Macho and 8.5" hembra7" Macho and 8.5" hembra-6 3/4" Macho and 8" hembra7" & 8 1/2"-----
ColourVintage redVintage blackSuper NaturalWhite marbleGold amber sunburstSuper natural-Vintage SunburstDesert burl (DB-M)Black Hologram Sparkle
MaterialAsh WoodAsh WoodRubber TreeRubber TreeRubber TreeRubber TreeRubber TreeOakWoodFiberglass
Size of the smallest bongo7"7"6,75"6,75"7"6,75"7"6"6,75"7,25"
Size of the largest bongo8,5"8,5"8"8"8,5"8"8,5"7"8"8,625"
Size-----6.75" x 8"7" & 8 1/2"-6 3/4" and 8"7 1/4" + 8 5/8 "

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The Millenium MB202HWR is a Bongo Set with a Professional tensioning system, Natural drum heads & Very robust. The retail price is 21.79 £. Buy Millenium MB202HWR at Thomann UK.


Size6.5" and 7.5" (16 and 19 cm)
Drum shell materialBirch
Dimensions (H x W)19 x 40 cm
ColourWine red
Size of the smallest bongo6,5"
Size of the largest bongo7,5"

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