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Bass Rosin

The Millant-Deroux Bass Rosin is a Bass Rosin with a Dark & 451.250.

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Name Gewa Artista Designer Bass RosinMillant-Deroux Bass RosinGeipel Alaska Bass Rosin MediumThomastik 205A Rosin Bass MediumJade Bass RosinPetz Bass Rosin No.4 HardGewa Old Master Traditional BassHidersine Rosin Double Bass Cold WeatherLapella No.31 Single Cleaning WipeMelos Bass Rosin Dark
Description RosinBass RosinBass RosinThomastik Rosin ArtistRosinRosinRosinCleaning ClothBass Rosin

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Millant Deroux Double Bass Dark Solo Rosin - UK Seller with Free UK Shipping
  • Millant Deroux Dark Double Bass Solo Rosin. The originator of this famous rosin was the french violin maker, Sebastian-August Deroux. He was born in Mirecourt in 1848 and moved to Paris in 1884. In addition, they created the logo of the cat playing the Cello which they placed on the center of the cover.
  • Item location: BENFLEET, GB
Millant-Deroux Rosin for Double Bass, Soft, Double Bass Rosin, Soft
  • Millant-Deroux rosin for double bass, soft description Millant-Deroux rosin for double bass Soft rosin for double bass Made in France by Millant Deroux In a plastic container with a snap-on lid Popular rosin with students and professionals alike.
  • Item location: , DE

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The Millant-Deroux Bass Rosin is a Bass Rosin with a Dark & 451.250. The retail price is 8.11 £.



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