Mike Balter Vibraphone Mallets No.24 B XL review: specs & price

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Vibraphone mallets

The Mike Balter Vibraphone Mallets No.24 B XL is a Vibraphone mallets with a Soft, Birch shaft, Red cord & Pair.

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Name Mike Balter Vibraphone Mallets TPMike Balter Vibraphone Mallets JP2Pendim No. 2V/B Peter SadloMike Balter Vibraphone Mallets SS2Marimba One LVBVibe Lynn VartanInnovative Percussion Vibraphone Mallets IP 3007Pendim No. 3V/B Peter SadloMarimba One BJRVibe Beverley JohnstonMike Balter Mallets No.324 RMarimba One BJBVibe Beverley Johnston
Description Vibraphone MalletsVibraphone MalletsMallet Set for VibraphoneVibraphone MalletsMarimba MalletVibraphone MalletsMallet set for vibesMarimba malletVibraphone / Marimba MalletsMarimba mallet
Quantity1 pair--1 pair------
Head MaterialYarnYarnYarnYarnYarnYarnYarnYarnYarnYarn
Stick MaterialRattanRattanBirchRattanBirchBirchBirchBirchRattanBirch
HardnessMedium HardMedium SoftIntermediateMedium SoftIntermediateHardHardIntermediateIntermediateVery Hard
Birch stick--8 mm---8 mm---
Tip diameter---4.45 cm----3.81 cm-
Colour (yarn)----Black / Grey--White/blue-White/Blue
Shipping quantity----1 Pair--1 Pair-1 Pair

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Mike Balter Pro Vibe Series Rattan 23R Medium Blue Cord
  • The Mike Balter Pro Vibe Series carries on a heritage of performance and reliability with a distinctive style. The heavier, round shaped cord wound mallet head provides the preferred vibe sound. Ready to impress in any situation, the Pro Vibe Series with its ideal weight and balance is the all-around choice for today's player.
  • Item location: NEWPORT, GB


The Mike Balter Vibraphone Mallets No.24 B XL is a Vibraphone mallets with a Soft, Birch shaft, Red cord & Pair. The retail price is 31.99 £.


Nr24 XL Pro Vibe
Tip diameter3.81 cm
Length41.91 cm
Head MaterialYarn
Stick MaterialBirch

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