Mesa Boogie Footcontroller Cable 678465 review: specs & price

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The Mesa Boogie Footcontroller Cable 678465 is a Footswitch with a 5-Pin DIN.

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Name Mesa Boogie Cable FS 7,5Fender 2-Button Footswitch VIB/FATEvh Footswitch 5150 EVH IIIPeavey Sanpera ProFender 2-Button FootswitchFender Footswitch 2-Button MustangDiezel FS7-HA FootswitchMesa Boogie Footcontroller Cable 678465Origin Effects Revival FootswitchMarshall MRMPM3E
Description 8-Pin CableOriginal Foot SwitchFoot SwitchFootswitch for Peavey Vypyr ComboFootswitchOriginal FootswitchFootswitchFootswitch2-Way FootswitchFootswitch
Length7.5 m (25 ft)------7.5 m--
LED Display
Number of Buttons / Switches02416227023
Number Of Pedals0002000000
Function of Buttons / Switches-SwitchMisc.Misc.Misc.Misc.Misc.-SwitchSwitch

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The Mesa Boogie Footcontroller Cable 678465 is a Footswitch with a 5-Pin DIN. The retail price is 47.15 £. Buy Mesa Boogie Footcontroller Cable 678465 at Thomann UK.


Length7.5 m
Fits Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier and Express 525/50
LED DisplayNo
Number of Buttons / Switches0
Number Of Pedals0

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