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Samba Beater

The Meinl SB4 Samba Beater is a Samba Beater with a Wooden shaft & 2" Light brown leather tip.

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Name Vater Karl Perazzo's Drumbale SticksMeinl SST3-S Samba StickVater 38 Timbale Sticks HickoryContemporanea Tamborim BeaterMeinl SB5 Samba BeaterMeinl SST3 Samba StickMeinl SST7 Samba StickMeinl COW1BK Cowbell BeaterMeinl SB4 Samba BeaterMeinl SB117 Timbale Sticks
Description Drumbale Signature Timbale SticksSamba StickTimbale SticksTamborim beaterSamba BeaterSamba StickSamba StickCowbell BeaterSamba BeaterTimbale Sticks
Length15.5" (39.37 cm)-16"-------
Mallet HardnessHardHardHardHardSoftHardHardHardMedium SoftHard
Head MaterialWoodPlasticWoodPlasticCoatPlasticPlasticWoodLeatherHickory
Shaft MaterialWoodPlasticWoodPlasticWoodPlasticPlasticWoodWoodHickory
Recommendable For:TimbalesSamba InstrumentsTimbalesTamborimSurdoSamba InstrumentsSamba InstrumentsCowbellSurdoTimbales
Colour-White with black handle---White with black handleWhite with black handleBlack--
Size----16"---16"5/16" x 15"
Wood-------Rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)-Hickory

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The Meinl SB4 Samba Beater is a Samba Beater with a Wooden shaft & 2" Light brown leather tip. The retail price is 18.73 £. Buy Meinl SB4 Samba Beater at Thomann UK.


Mallet HardnessMedium Soft
Head MaterialLeather
Shaft MaterialWood
Recommendable For:Surdo

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