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Hybrid Slap-Top Cajon

The Meinl Hybrid Slap Top Cajon is a Hybrid Slap-Top Cajon with a Forward sound projection, Comfortable design & Two different playing surfaces (normal cajon...

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Name British Drum Company iTap A4Schlagwerk CBK80 Cajabuka Burl FlowerMeinl Artisan Soleá Cajon Dark RedSchlagwerk La Ola Drum BrownPUR PC3279 Compact Cajon EbanoMeinl Ergo Bass CajonFrind MAF-C1 CajonLP 1424 Kevin Ricard CajonPUR Vision SP White Olive CajonSoundcorner Oktajon Natural
Description Percussion InstrumentCajabukaCajonHybrid Percussion InstrumentCajonBass cajonCajonCajonCajon
Dimensions30 x 21 x 1,2 cm--67 x 26 x 20 cm---Approx. 30 x 30 x 48 cm--
Cajon-ArtTravel CajonCajabukaCajonHybrid CajonCajonBass CajonBass CajonCajonCajonCajon
Height in mm12 mm505 mm480 mm260 mm460 mm500 mm550 mm480 mm475 mm-
BodyMDFAsh-treeBirchBirchBirchSiam OakBirchBirchMaple - BirchBirch
Impact surfaces materialBirchBirchBirchBirchMaple - EbonolMapleWalnutHardwoodOliveBeech
Playing surface-Burl flower design veneer-Birch------
Height-50.5 cm----55 cm---
Dimensions (H x W x D)--48 x 28.5 x 30 cm-47.5 x 30.4 x 29.3 cm---47.5 x 30.4 x 29.9 cm-
Colour---Brown-Vintage brown, matte lacquered----

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Meinl Hybrid Slap-Top Cajon
  • The X-shaped Hybrid Slap-Top Cajon features not only a unique and comfortable design, but contrasting playing surfaces on opposite sides to give players different sonic and dynamic alternatives. The other side features high and low pitched playing areas to sound like a bongo cajon.
  • Item location: Portsmouth, US

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The Meinl Hybrid Slap Top Cajon is a Hybrid Slap-Top Cajon with a Forward sound projection, Comfortable design & Two different playing surfaces (normal cajon sound with snare and bongo, cajon sound without snare). The retail price is 65.04 £.


Height in mm250 mm
Impact surfaces materialBirch

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