Meerklang Bag for Kotamo 155/30 review: specs & price

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Name Feeltone E81L Tuning Key L-ShapedFeeltone E-8T Tuning Key T-ShapedMeerklang Bag for Kotamo 155/30Auris Strings for My Little Lyre
Description Tuning KeyTuning KeyString Set for My Little Lyre
Diameter5 mm4.4 mm--
Comes with bag -
Comes with case -
Single string -
Complete set of strings -
Comes with tuning-key -
Bridge / bridges -
Comes with stand -
Comes with legs -
MaterialWood, MetalWood, MetalTextile-

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What is a Kotamo ?

Meerklang Klangliege Klangstuhl


. The retail price is 241.13 £.


Comes with bagYes
Comes with caseNo
Single stringNo
Complete set of stringsNo
Comes with tuning-keyNo
Bridge / bridgesNo
Comes with standNo
Comes with legsNo
Comes with accessoriesNone

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