Maxparts MW-L30 Ruler 300mm review: specs & price

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The Maxparts MW-L30 Ruler 300mm is a Ruler with a .

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Name Stubai Luthier Gouge Sweep 8 / 8mmMaxparts HW-1.SE9 Chisel 9mmMaxparts HW-1.SE15 Chisel 15mmStubai Luthier Gouge Sweep 8 / 10mmMaxparts HW-1.SE24 Chisel 24mmStubai Luthier Gouge Sweep 8 / 12mmStubai Luthier Chisel 10mmStubai Luthier Chisel 16mmStubai Luthier Gouge Sweep 8 / 30mmMaxparts HW-1.SE6 Chisel 6mm
Description Luthier GougeChiselChiselLuthier GougeChiselLuthier GougeLuthier ChiselLuthier ChiselLuthier GougeChisel
Width-9 mm15 mm-24 mm----6 mm
Material-High-quality, double-coated Japan steelHigh quality, double-coated Japan steel-High-quality, double-coated Japan steel----High-quality, double-coated Japan steel

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The Maxparts MW-L30 Ruler 300mm is a Ruler with a . The retail price is 11.11 £.


Length300 mm

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