Manfrotto 126 CSUAC Stativ air cushioned review: specs & price

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Light Stand

The Manfrotto 126 CSUAC Stativ air cushioned is a Light Stand with a Max. Load capacity 40 kg, Air suspension, Type 14 & Steel stand with 3 sections = 2...

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Name Manfrotto 032BASE Autopole BaseManfrotto C-Stand Column 20Doughty T55511 Easy Lift BkManfrotto Autopole 077Manfrotto C-Stand Column 29K&M 24640 Lighting StandGator Frameworks Light MH 250 - 25Millenium SLTS09 Lighting StandManfrotto 126 CSUAC Stativ air cushionedK&M 17725
Description Tripod Stand Base for AutopoleTripod ColumnCrank TripodAutopoleTripod columnLighting StandFour-legged light stand with shelfMiddle Lamp Stand with Cross BeamLight StandFloor Stand for Spotlights
MaterialAluminiumChrome-plated steel--Chrome-plated steelSteelPowder-coated steel---
Weight1.2 kg2.8 kg--3.3 kg12.68 kg-6.4 kg--
Type de piedAutopoleLight standWind-up standAutopoleLight standLight standLight standLight standLight standFloor stand
Incl. Bar
3 Sections (diameter-35/30/20 mm)--35/30/20 mm)-----
Minimum height-95 cm--118 cm-----
Maximum height-206 cm380 cm-285 cm-----
Upper mounting-16 mm (5/8") spigot--16 mm (5/8") spigot-----
Lower mount-28 mm (1 1/8") TV spigot--28 mm (1 1/8") TV spigot-----
Support-Spigot 16 mm (5/8")28 mm Flange (for TV-spigot)NoneSpigot 16 mm (5/8")30 mm tubePlate-28 mm Flange (for TV-spigot)Screw
Height (m)-0,95 m – 2,06 m3,80 m1,00 m – 1,70 m1,18 m – 2,85 m1,59 m – 4,02 m1,03 m – 1,83 m1,40 m – 3,20 m1,30 m – 3,35 m-
Max Load (kg)--30,0 kg--20,0 kg45,0 kg20,0 kg40,0 kg-

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Manfrotto 126CSUAC Scheinwerferstativ Heavy Duty Stand A14 Air Cus Tripode
  • Manfrotto 126CSUAC Heavy Duty Stand A14 Air Cush. Product description Manfrotto 126CSUAC Heavy Duty Stand A14 Air Cush. This professional tripod with a maximum load of 40.0 kg can be found on many film sets or in rental stores. Why? Quite simply, it is so solid and reliable that it still works perfectly and safely even after the toughest operating conditions. And should something break, Manfrotto spare parts are of course readily available. This tripod is also air-cushioned to protect your headlights, so that "hard hitting" is avoided when lowering. There is also an incline adjustment and wheels can be mounted (109 / 110 / 110G). The tripod has 3 segments and has a transport length of 1.31m.
  • Item location: , DE
HEDLER Heavy Duty C - Max. 40 KG - Leuchtenstativ By Studio-Ausruestung
  • The guarantee promise is valid in Europe, in the areas of the European Union, the European Economic Area, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Switzerland. Bought and used exclusively in these countries. If the country of use is different from the country of purchase, the service will be provided in accordance with the rules and conditions in the country of use, unless the warranty period in the country of purchase is longer than in the country of use. In this case, the warranty period is that which corresponds to the country of purchase. In the case of billing with foreign currencies, the current rate applies. No warranty claims can be made in the event of improper use, parts subject to wear and tear, for consumables, batteries, rechargeable batteries, illuminan.
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The Manfrotto 126 CSUAC Stativ air cushioned is a Light Stand with a Max. Load capacity 40 kg, Air suspension, Type 14 & Steel stand with 3 sections = 2 extracts. The retail price is 161.61 £.


Maximum load capacity in fully extended position (inclination 5 °)3 kg at 333 cm
Minimum Height131 cm
Max. Height333 cm
Based diameter126 cm
Ø of the sections40, 35, 30 mm
Ø of the footrest22 mm
Optional suitable wheel sets109, 110, 110G (not included)
Type de piedLight stand
Support28 mm Flange (for TV-spigot)
Incl. BarNo
Height (m)1,30 m – 3,35 m
Max Load (kg)40,0 kg

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