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1x12" Guitar Cabinet

The Magnatone Traditional Cabinet 1x12" is a 1x12" Guitar Cabinet with a Open-back cabinet construction, 8 Ohms impedance, 6.3 mm jack connection, Made of...

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Name Tone King 112 CAB BK CabinetMagnatone Traditional Cabinet 1x12"DV Mark DV Powered Cab 112/60Ortega S ONE Akustik-Box 6,5"Palmer CAB 112 GOVMesa Boogie Fillmore 25 1x12 CabPeavey 112-6 Guitar CabinetDV Mark DV 112 PlusFender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Encl LTOrtega S TWO Akustik-Box 8"
Description Electric Guitar Cabinet1x12" Guitar CabinetActive Speaker Cabinet for Electric GuitarAcoustic Speaker CabinetElectric Guitar Loudspeaker CabinetCabinet for Electric GuitarGuitar CabinetGuitar BoxGuitar BoxAcoustic Speaker Cabinet
Equipped with1x 12 "custom Celestion 1660 speakerMagnatone Custom 12" Ceramic by WGS Speaker Made in USA-6.5" Speaker and 3" tweeter1x 12" Eminence Governor loudspeaker1 x 12" Celestion Custom 90---8" Speaker and 3" Tweeter
Rated power60 watts65 Watts-150 W75 Watts90 W @ 8 ohms-150W @ 8Ω-150 W
Connections6.3 mm jack-6.3 mm jack or XLR-2x 6.3 mm jack sockets-----
Dimensions (W x H x D)572 x 445 x 267 mm-440 x 310 x 430 mm-580 x 450 x 290 mm--58 x 45 x 36cm--
Weight13,2 kg17.2 kg8.6 kg-17,1 kg10,5 kg14,0 kg11,1 kg18,6 kg-
Max. Load60 W65 W60 W150 W75 W90 W25 W150 W80 W150 W
Speaker--1 x 12" DV NEO Pearl White---1x 12" Celestion G12M Greenback---
Cabinet construction---ClosedOpen----Closed
Input---1x 6.3 mm jack-----1x 6.3 mm jack
Housing material---Matte lacquered real woodChipboard----Matte lacquered real wood

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Magnatone T-112 Traditional Collection 1x12” 8-ohm 75W Speaker Cabinet w/ Cover
  • What Do We Think? This open-back 1x12” cabinet has a patently vintage, “broken in” flavor but without the sag of a worn out speaker. The low end is warm but not boomy. The top end is smooth and silky, extending just high enough to ensure good articulation but rolled off before things can get harsh. The midrange is neutral at lower volumes and gets more colored the harder you push the speaker. Really work it and you will be rewarded with smooth speaker breakup and a bottom that stays punchy and controlled. Whether used as an extension speaker to your combo or a lone cabinet for your head, this speaker is ready to add serious tone and character to your rig. Impressively, it only weighs 25lb. We carry matching Magnatone Traditional Collection amp heads and extension cab-ready Combos if you wo.
  • Item location: , US
Magnatone Traditional Collection 1x12 Cabinet Cover w/Piping Option (magn037)
  • This is a quality heavy duty vinyl protective cover for a Magnatone Traditional Collection 1x12 Speaker Cabinet. The picture of the Cabinet shows what Cabinet this cover is made for. The Cabinet is not included.
  • Item location: Rochester, US

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The Magnatone Traditional Cabinet 1x12" is a 1x12" Guitar Cabinet with a Open-back cabinet construction, 8 Ohms impedance, 6.3 mm jack connection, Made of birch plywood, Rear loaded & Handbuilt in USA. The retail price is 633.32 £.


Equipped withMagnatone Custom 12" Ceramic by WGS Speaker Made in USA
Rated power65 Watts
Dimensions (W x D x H)610 x 254 x 527 mm
Weight17.2 kg
Max. Load65 W

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