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The Mackie Thump 15BST is an Active Speaker with a Amplifier with Dynamic Bass Response for fast transient playback and powerful bass, Integrated 3-channel...

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Name Seeburg K 20 dp 60°the box Pyrit 10 A BundleKS audio CPD 10Seeburg K 20 dp 90°Seeburg Acoustic Line A6-dpKS audio CPD 12dB Technologies DVX D15 HPFBT Ventis 112AFBT Vertus CLA 206 ASyrincs S3A
Description HiMid SystemBundle offer comprising:2-Way Full-Range SpeakerHiMid SystemProfessional active multifunction speaker2-Way Full-range LoudspeakerActive 15" 2-Way SpeakerActive 2-way full-range speakerActive Full-range Loudspeaker
Equipment2x 10" Nd / 1,4" Nd--2x 10" Nd / 1,4" Nd12" ND woofer and 1" ND driver-----
Power LF1000W / HF--1000W / HF------
SPL (1W / peak @ 1 m)134dB--134dB------
Input signal25dBu--25dBu------
Latency0.8ms (analog in on analog out)--0.8ms (analog in on analog out)------
Frequency range70 - 18000 Hz (-6dB)-68 Hz - 19 kHz70 - 18000 Hz (-6dB)50 - 20,000 Hz58- 19,000 Hz49 - 20,000 Hz42 - 20,000 Hz (-6 dB)--
Beam angle60° x 50°--90° x 60°.------
Dimensions (H x W x D)660 x 300 x 360 mm--660 x 300 x 360 mm------
Weight22 kg-19.0 kg22 kg-25.0 kg30.3 kg20.6 kg-12 kg
ColourBlack--Black--BlackBlack-Grey /black
Multifunctional Housing
Pole Mount
Woofer size2x 10"1x 10"1x 10"2x 10"1x 12"1x 12"1x 15"1x 12"2x 6,5"1x 10"
Tweeter, 1" and Larger
Weight in kg22,0 kg13,8 kg19,0 kg22,0 kg16,8 kg25,0 kg30,3 kg20,6 kg-12,0 kg
Power--600 Watt RMS-2x 500 W1000 W RMS1400 W peak, 700 W RMS700 W Class D (LF) and 200 W Class H (HF)--
Equipped with--10" Neodymium woofer 1.4" ND compression driver--12" neodymium woofer, 1.4" ND Compression driver---10"/ 1"
Dimensions--510 x 290 x 350 mm-606 x 360 x 340 mm580 x 350 x 410 mm----
Dimensions (W x H x D)------430 x 690 x 450 mm387 x 665 x 380 mm-310 x 460 x 295 mm

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The Mackie Thump 15BST is an Active Speaker with a Amplifier with Dynamic Bass Response for fast transient playback and powerful bass, Integrated 3-channel mixing console with 2 Vita Preamps and Wide-Z technology, High-resolution colour display for level, metering, channel EQ and more, Stereo Bluetooth input, Powerful DSP, 6 Application-specific speaker modes, 3-Band EQ per channel and variable high-pass filters on channels 1/2, Controllable via free Thump Connect Control App for iOS and Android, Digital precision crossover, Automatic run-time and phase correction of the loudspeakers, XLR Thru output, Integrated high stand flanges, Robust housing, Angled on two sides for use as a stage monitor, With flight points for permanent installations, 4 Handles & Universal power supply (100-240 V AC) with power conditioner for reliable performance on an unstable power supply. The retail price is 309.17 £.


Equipped with15" High performance woofer, 1.4" titanium compression driver
1300 W Class D power (LF1000 W, HF
Maximum level127 dB
Dispersion angle90° x 60°
Frequency response32 - 23,000 Hz
Dimensions686 x 442 x 356 mm
Weight15.9 kg
Suitable coverArticle nr 423542 / suitable rolling bag
Multifunctional HousingYes
Pole MountYes
Woofer size1x 15"
Tweeter, 1" and LargerYes
Weight in kg15,9 kg

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