Ludwig P2230B Imperial Lug

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Name Rogers Center Snare Lug B&BPearl FT-35/10 Tune Lugs FFS Sn.Pearl CL-05 Tune Lugs SnareLudwig P2246D Small Classic LugPearl FT-80/10 Tune Lugs FFS Sn.Tama MSL-SCP Tune Lug Snare CRTama MSL-SCB Tune Lug Bass DrumSonor Tune Lug BD Single SMF/ESF/SEFDW Snare Drum Tune LugsPearl TLS-55/C Tune Lugs Snare
Description Tuning lugsLugsLugsLugsBass Drum Clamping BracketsBass Drum LugSnare Drum Clamping BracketsLugs
Hole Spacing41 mm0 mm20 mm25 mm0 mm25 mm25 mm33 mm34 mm52 mm
Hole spacing--2 cm--25 mm-3.3 cm--

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