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Effect pedal for electric guitar and bass

The Lehle Little Dual II is an Effect pedal for electric guitar and bass with a ABY-Switcher (A or B or both), Hum- and loss-free switching, High-impedance...

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Name Radial Engineering Tonebone SSRadial Engineering Tonebone TwinLine Effects loopRadial Engineering JX 44G-LAB M4EB Midi Extension BoxDV Mark Evo-FC ControllerMooer AirSwitch Wireless FootswitchMarkbass Evo 1 ControllerRadial Engineering Tonebone Bigshot SW2Outlaw Effects The WYE ABY BoxOne Control CrocEye MIDI Programmer
Description Solidstate Amp SwitchEffect loop interface for two amplifiers4 Channel Guitar DistributorExpansion ModuleFootswitchWireless Foot-Switch Controller5-Way footswitchProgrammable Double Footswitch PedalEffect pedal for electric guitarEffects Pedal
FootswitchFootswitch to switch between amplifiers 1 and 2--------Effect Bypass
Dimensions (W x D x H)175 x 114 x 51 mm109 x 48 x 147 mm------45 x 95 x 48 mm94 x 39 x 35 mm
Weight1 kg1.1 kg---330 g-560 g240 g100 g
TypeA/BLoopSplitterMidi SplitterSchalterSwitchSchalterSwitchA/B/YMIDI Programmer
LED Display
PSU Connector
ShapeFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects Pedal19" / 1UDesktopFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects Pedal
MIDI Interface
Current consumption-------Max. 40 mA (both LEDs switched on)8 mA-

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LEHLE Little Dual II
  • • ABY switcher (A or B or both) • hum-free and loss-free switching • high-resistance LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ with phase and ground switch • two different operating modes • stereo routing options • active toggle click suppression All our articles have a 30-day right of return without additional Reason. Sheet music, reading material and software cannot be exchanged. The terms and conditions of Zoundhouse GmbH & Co.KG apply. When purchasing multiple items from us: Put the item in the shopping cart and select Request total amount from buyer in the top right corner. DHL will take care of all the official paperwork and payment of the VAT on your behalf and they will pass that cost to you on their invoice. From our limited experience so far, the government charges consist of 20% VAT plus a small am.
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The Lehle Little Dual II is an Effect pedal for electric guitar and bass with a ABY-Switcher (A or B or both), Hum- and loss-free switching, High-impedance Lehle Transformer HZ, With phase and ground switch, Two different operating modes, Stereo routing options, Active switching click suppression & 2.1 mm, minus pole inside. The retail price is 171.85 £. Buy Lehle Little Dual II at Thomann UK.


Push-buttonsTRS Switch, Phase, Ground
Foot-switchA, B
A/B input6.3 mm Stereo jack
A Input6.3 mm Jack
A Output6.3 mm Jack
B Output6.3 mm Jack
Mains adapter connectionHollow plug socket 5.5 x
Current consumption63 mA
Dimensions (W x D x H)122 x 99 x 47 mm
Weight540 g
LED DisplayYes
PSU ConnectorYes
ShapeFloor Effects Pedal
MIDI InterfaceNo

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