Legator Ninja NRFA8

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8-String Multi-Scale Electric Guitar

The Legator Ninja NRFA8 is a 8-String Multi-Scale Electric Guitar with a Black offset dot fretboard inlays, 24 Medium jumbo frets, Volume control, 3-Way...

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Name ESP E-II HRF NT 8 BaritoneESP LTD SC-608 Baritone Red SPSchecter C-8 Deluxe Satin BlackIbanez RG5328-LDKESP LTD EC-1008 Evertune BLKLegator Ninja NRFA8Strandberg Boden Standard 8 Black SatinJackson JS32-8 Dinky DKA SBK AHJackson Pro DKA8 Dinky SOBSolar Guitars A1.8C
Description Electric Guitar8-String Electric Guitar8-String Electric Guitar8-String Electric Guitar8-String Electric Guitar8-String Multi-Scale Electric Guitar8-String Electric Guitar8-String Electric GuitarElectric Guitar8-String Electric Guitar
BodyMahognyMahognyLindenAsh TreeMahognyAsh TreeLindenPoplarAlderAlder
NeckMapleMapleMapleMaple, WengeMahognyMapleMapleMapleMapleMaple
FretboardEbonyMacassar ebony--Macassar ebonyAfrican EbonyMapleAmaranth (Peltogyne spp.)-Ebony
Neck profileThin U--Wizard-8Thin UU----
Nut width55 mm (2.17")54 mm-55 mm54 mm56.1 mm--55 mm-
Scale686 mm (27")686 mm711 mm (28")686 mm673 mm (26.5"/ baritone)--673 mm673 mm-
Fretboard radius400 mm (15.75")350 mm-430 mm-356 mm-12" - 16"--
PickupsActive EMG 81-8 H (bridge) - EMG Active 85-8 H (neck)--2 DiMarzio Fusion Edge 8 humbuckerActive EMG 81-8H (bridge) and EMG 60-8H (neck) humbuckers2 Alnico V Soap Bars--1 x Seymour Duncan Nazgul Humbucker (bridge) and 1 x Seymour Duncan Sentinent (neck)2 Seymour Duncan Solar humbuckers
Controls1 x Volume, 1 x ToneVolume (Push/Pull) and tone--------
Fret boardEbonyEbonyRosewoodEbonyEbonyEbonyMapleAmaranthMapleEbony
Scale lenght686 mm686 mm711 mm686 mm673 mm711 mm711 mm673 mm673 mm673 mm
Incl. Case
Incl. Gigbag
Finish-Red sparkle------Satin Orange Blaze-
Bolt-on neck-----Maple-Maple with graphite reinforcement and Scarf Joint--

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The Legator Ninja NRFA8 is a 8-String Multi-Scale Electric Guitar with a Black offset dot fretboard inlays, 24 Medium jumbo frets, Volume control, 3-Way switch, Legator Exclusive Saddle / Monorail bridge, Grover machine heads, Black hardware & Made in Korea. The retail price is 825.5 £. Buy Legator Ninja NRFA8 at Thomann UK.


BodyAsh Tree
Bolt-on neckMaple
FretboardAfrican Ebony
Neck profileU
Nut width56.1 mm
Scale length (multiscale)673 - 711 mm
Fretboard radius356 mm
Pickups2 Alnico V Soap Bars
Fret boardEbony
Scale lenght711 mm
Incl. CaseNo
Incl. GigbagNo

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