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Active Battery-Powered Speaker

The LD Systems Roadman 102 is an Active Battery-Powered Speaker with a Made of shock-resistant plastic for mobile applications, With handheld microphone with...

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Name LD Systems Roadman 102 B5dB Technologies Ready4 MK2 Band 7LD Systems Roadman 102 Active SlaveSuperlux SE108Alto ÜberLD Systems Roadman 102 Headset B6LD Systems Roadboy 65 Slave BundleBehringer MPA30BTLD Systems Road Buddy 10 B6LD Systems Road Buddy 10 HS B6
Description Active battery-operated speaker boxActive 10" Battery SpeakerActive Slave Speaker BoxPortable Loudspeaker Set "Value Pack"Battery-operated Bluetooth speakerActive battery-operated speakerLD Systems Roadboy 65Active Speaker with BluetoothBattery Powered Bluethooth SpeakersBattery Powered Bluetooth Speaker
Maximum level115 dB120 dB SPL---115 dB----
Power100 W RMS200 W Peak--25 W RMS / 50 W peak100 W RMS----
Frequency range70 - 16,000 Hz70 - 20,000 Hz--90 - 20,000 Hz70 - 16,000 Hz--55 - 18,000 Hz55 - 18,000 Hz
Dimensions355 x 610 x 315 mm--441 x 330 x 262 mm410 x 345 x 240 mm355 x 610 x 315 mm300 x 200 x 230 mm--415 X 525 x 328 mm
Weight19 kg11,3 kg19 kg10 kg7,7 kg19 kg5 kg4,9 kg16,5 kg16,5 kg
Peak Power200 W200 W200 W80 W50 W200 W50 W30 W240 W240 W
Mic Preamp2102221122
Effect Section
Wireless Mic (Handheld/Head)1x HandheldOptional 1x Headset1x Handheld 1x Handheld1x Headset
Optional Wireless Modul
CD Player
Bluetooth Player
USB Player
SD Card Play
Equipped with----6.5"/ 2" speakers-6.5" Full range speaker1x 6" Woofer10" Ferrite woofer and 1" tweeter10" Ferrite woofer and 1" tweeter
Inputs--------XLR/Jack combination, Instrument/Line, RCA L/R inputJack Instrument/Line, RCA L/R

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The LD Systems Roadman 102 is an Active Battery-Powered Speaker with a Made of shock-resistant plastic for mobile applications, With handheld microphone with dynamic capsule, Peak SPL 115 dB, Built-in rechargeable battery (up to 5 hours running time), CD/MP3 player with remote control, USB/SD connector and volume control, 1 UHF PLL 16 CHN wireless receiver (863.00 - 865.00 MHZ), 2 Mic/Line combo inputs, Music-Speech switchable, 1 XLR input, 1 XLR line out, RCA L/R input and output, 6.3 mm jack speaker outputs, 2-Band sound control (bass/treble), Voice Priority (talkover) switchable, DC in (24-32V, 4A), 100 - 240 V internal switching power supply, Integrated tripod flange, Output for optional slave speaker, Slot for second wireless unit & Wireless system throughout free of licence and fees across Europe. The retail price is 848.71 £.


Equipped with10" / 1"
Power100 W RMS
Frequency range70 - 16,000 Hz
Dimensions355 x 610 x 315 mm
Weight19 kg
Peak Power200 W
Mic Preamp2
Effect SectionNo
Wireless Mic (Handheld/Head)1x Handheld
Optional Wireless ModulYes
CD PlayerYes
Bluetooth PlayerNo
USB PlayerYes
SD Card PlayYes

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