LD Systems Dave 12 G3 Sat Cover review: specs & price

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Protective Cover

The LD Systems Dave 12 G3 Sat Cover is a Protective Cover with a For one Dave12 G3 satellite.

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Rain Protection Cover

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ld systems dave 10 g3 speaker system speakers and sub woofer 
  • All cables and instructions. In immaculate condition. Never left bedroom. Ideal for house parties or small venues. Collection only due to weight of sub woofer.
  • Item location: CRAMLINGTON, GB
LD Systems Dave 8 Roadie
  • The third channel has a 3.5 mm stereo and a 6.3 mm mono jack input for MP3 players or guitars with a switch for selecting the desired input. Cabinet / Housing surface: painted. OUR PROFESSIONAL PROMISE.
  • Item location: PRESTON, GB
LD Systems Dave 12 G3 Active PA System w/ Speaker Pole, T-Bar + Cables
  • This Gravity loudspeaker mounting t-bar is for putting 2 loudspeakers onto a single speaker stand. This steel tube mounting t-bar attaches to all 35mm speaker stands and is width adjustable from 31 - 49cm.
  • Item location: COLCHESTER, GB
LD Systems Dave 12 G3 Compact 12
  • Ideal for those looking to upgrade their in-house system, the LD Systems Dave 12 G3 active PA System withDSP has got you covered. LD Systems Dave 12 G3 Specifications LD Systems Dave 12 G3. The professional full range of features of the DAVE 12 G3 includes sturdy multiplex cabinets, all important protection circuits, RCA,XLR /jack combo andSpeakon-compatible connectors, and ergonomically shaped, recessed handles.
  • Item location: COLCHESTER, GB
LD Systems LD Dave 12+ Sat Loudspeaker System #3772 (ONE)
  • This speaker has a chip on the edge of the box, it has minor scratches and. This speaker is in working condition. (This does not include AK, HI, PR or the Virgin Islands). Filing a claim should be reserved as a last resort to solving an issue.
  • Item location: Dania, US
LD Systems Dave g³ Roller Board for LDDAVE 15g3 and ldgtsub 15a Incl. Strap
  • Rollenbrett für LDDAVE15G³ und LDGTSUB15A incl. Ebenso Produkte mit Abweichungen von Soll-Werten, die für die Gebrauchstauglichkeit des Produktes unerheblich sind. Anzahl Rollen: 4. Ø Rollen: 80 mm.
  • Item location: Aschheim, DE
  • Size is 8" x 10" We always combine shipping. Please wait for our invoice before paying. Any green line seen passing through the photo is an error with the scanner and not on the actual photo. The photographs are Originals taken from file archives used by different news/media agencies. They are not perfect or reprints, if they are printed at a later time we labeled them "2nd Generation Restrike" or "Vtg 2nd Gen Restrike" The photographs are in various conditions, some cut to different sizes. Some may have dates and/or descriptions written/typed/stamped on the back or the front. They could have bent corners, tears or light stains. Once you pay, we are required, by ebay, to ship on the same business day. Please do not ask us to hold your items, we will respectfully decline.
  • Item location: Dixon, US

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The LD Systems Dave 12 G3 Sat Cover is a Protective Cover with a For one Dave12 G3 satellite. The retail price is 15.45 £.


Rain Protection CoverYes

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