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Safety Unit

The Laserworld Safety Unit Pro is a Safety Unit with a With built-in key switch and 5 meters of cable, Designed to switch off laser projectors in dangerous...

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Name Laserworld Safety Unit ProLaserworld RTI Safety Adapter SUB-D RJ45Cameo EKS XLRStairville DJ Lase IR Remote ControlLaserworld PRO-CASE DeluxeADJ Laser Emergency SwitchLaserworld Interlock AdapterLaserworld DMX Adapter ILDA - XLRLaserworld ILDA Extension Cable 3mVarytec Emergency Kill Switch
Description Safety UnitRTI Safety AdapterEmergency Stop Switch with Key LockInfrared Remote ControlTransport CaseEmergency Stop SwitchAdapter for Integrating an Interlock SwitchILDA Extension CableEmergency Switch
Type of accessoriesSafety off switchAdapterSafety off switchRemoteCaseSafety off switchAdapterCaseILDA cableSafety off switch

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Laserworld Laser Safety Switch / Safety Unit / Interlock / Key switch
  • Laserworld safety unit with two keys and RJ45 adaptor for legacy units.
  • Item location: NORWICH, GB

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The Laserworld Safety Unit Pro is a Safety Unit with a With built-in key switch and 5 meters of cable, Designed to switch off laser projectors in dangerous situations via the interlock interface, In the case of a power failure, the continuation of the laser show must be explicitly confirmed with the help of this safety unit via the 'Restart button' & This unit can be connected to the projector via the standard Interlock RS-232 interface (pin 1 & 2). The retail price is 123.47 £.


Type of accessoriesSafety off switch

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