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Sustain Pedal

The Kurzweil KP-1 is a Sustain Pedal with a With 6.3 mm mono jack cable (normally open).

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Name Fatar VFP2-10 StereoDexibell DX SP1Dexibell DX CP1Kurzweil KP-1HFatar VFP-3-10Fatar VFP3-15Kawai F-30Fatar VFP2-10Fatar VFP2-15MKurzweil KP-1
Description Double Pedal for Stereo PianoSustain PedalSustain PedalHalf-Damper Sustain PedalSustain Pedal3-Position Sustain PedalTriple PedalDouble Pedal for PianoPiano Double PedalSustain Pedal
Polarity Switch---
Cable length-----200 cm-200 cm200 cm-

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The Kurzweil KP-1 is a Sustain Pedal with a With 6.3 mm mono jack cable (normally open). The retail price is 24.84 £.


Polarity SwitchNo

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