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The Koshi Chimes Aqua is a Chimes with a With 8 integrated strings, Body made of oiled bamboo, Handmade & Made in France.

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Name Meinl BI2NT BirdsMillenium Rainstick Bamboo Double ShortMeinl WA2NT WaterfallTerre Shamanshaker L RainMeinl SRS1R-L Rainstick SyntheticGoldon Rainmaker 35452Millenium Rainstick Bamboo ShortMeinl ATD-M African Talking DrumAuris Overtone Flute FMeinl RS1R-M RainstickPearl Bamboo Rainstick 100cmMeinl WW2BK Wah Wah TubeMeinl WA1NT WaterfallMeinl RA7BK RainmakerTerre Stickshaker Kemiri SeedsMeinl NI1AM The NightTerre Shamanshaker S OceanTerre Bracelet Shaker Juju BeanMeinl FR1NT Foot RattleTerre Shamanshaker L Ocean
Description Meinl "Birds" hand modelDouble RainmakerWaterfall PercussionShaman ShakerRainstickRainmakerRainmakerAfrican Talking DrumOvertone flute in FRainstickBamboo RainstickWah Wah TubeWooden WaterfallRainmakerStable rattle with Kemiri seedsRitual DrumShaman ShakerWooden bead braceletFoot RattleShaman Shaker
MaterialRubber wood-Rubber tree wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)-Light plastic--Mahogany wood-Bamboo-AluminiumRubber tree woodPremium fiberglass----Rubber wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)-
ColourNatural-Natural (NT)-Red--Brown / black-RedHidden Spirit (# 693)BlackNaturalBlack-Amber (AM)--Natural-
TypeBirdsRainmakerWaterfallPunpkin RattleRainmakerRainmakerRainmakerTalking DrumOvertone FluteRainmakerRainmakerWah Wah TubeWaterfallRainmakerSeeds ShakerThe NightPunpkin RattleSeeds ShakerSeeds ShakerPunpkin Rattle
Length----100 cm30 cm--54 cm60 cm100 cm---------
Diameter--------2.5 cm-6.3 cm---------

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The Koshi Chimes Aqua is a Chimes with a With 8 integrated strings, Body made of oiled bamboo, Handmade & Made in France. The retail price is 40.94 £.


Aqua tuningA, D, F, G, A, D, F, A
Diameter6.3 cm
Height16.5 cm
TypeWind Chime

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