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Oriental Arranger Keyboard

The Korg PA-700 Oriental is an Oriental Arranger Keyboard with a 61 Velocity sensitive keys, 128 Voice polyphony, 3-Band EQ for each channel, EDS-X (Enhanced...

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Name Yamaha SHS-300 WH SonogenicYamaha SHS-300 BU SonogenicYamaha PSR-A350 Deluxe BundleYamaha PSR-A350 SetCasio CT-X3000 Deluxe BundleCasio CTK-2500Yamaha PSR-A3000 SetYamaha PSR-E360 Maple Deluxe BundleYamaha PSR-E360 DW Deluxe BundleCasio CT-X700 Deluxe Bundle
Description KeytarKeytarYamaha PSR-A350Yamaha PSR-A350Casio CT-X3000KeyboardYamaha PSR-A3000Yamaha PSR-E360 MapleYamaha PSR-E360 Dark WalnutCasio CT-X700
Dimensions (W x D x H)733 x 125 x 56 mm733 x 125 x 56 mm945 x 369 x 122 mm945 x 369 x 122 mm948 x 384 x 116 mm946 x 307 x 92 mm1002 x 437 x 148 mm940 x 316 x 100 mm940 x 316 x 100 mm948 x 350 x 109 mm
Weight1.2 kg1.2 kg4.6 kg4.6 kg6.9 kg3.3 kg11.2 kg3.91 kg3.91 kg4.3 kg
ColourWhiteBlue----Black/dark metallic grey---
Illuminated Push-Button--
Storage MediumNoneNoneNoneNoneUSB to Device, USB to HostNoneUSB to Device--USB to Device
Lyrics Function--
Score Function--
Vocal Harmony--
USB Audiorecorder--
MIDI interfaceNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone1x In, 1x Out--None
Microphone input--
Connections--Headphone / line outputHeadphone / line output------
Speaker--2x 2.5 W2x 2.5 W-2x 2 W----
Effects----Reverb, chorusHall, Dance Music, Virtual Hall-Reverb, Chorus, Master EQ, Ultra-Wide StereoReverb, Chorus, Master EQ, Ultra-Wide StereoReverb, chorus, harmony
Speakers----2x 6 W----2 x 2.5 W
Loudspeaker system-------2 x 2.5 Watt2 x 2.5 Watt-
Design-------MapleDark Walnut-

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The Korg PA-700 Oriental is an Oriental Arranger Keyboard with a 61 Velocity sensitive keys, 128 Voice polyphony, 3-Band EQ for each channel, EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis - eXpanded), Defined Nuance Control (DNC), More than 370 styles, 1152 User memory slots, MP3 and MP3+G capable, 7" TFT TouchView display, 16 Track backing sequencer, Lyric indicator on display, Micro SD card slot, Line out L/R (mono), Line in L/R, MIDI IN/OUT, USB-Host, USB-Device, Damper pedal connection, Definable foot switch connection & Quick start guide, power cord and music stand included. The retail price is 1143 £.


More than 1700 factory sounds (User512 Sounds + 256 drum kits)
Internal memory960 MB
PCM user memory128 MB compressed
Speakers2 x 25 W
Dimensions (W x D x H)1030 x 378.3 x 132 mm
Weight9.9 kg
Illuminated Push-ButtonNo
Storage MediumMicroSD
Lyrics FunctionYes
Score FunctionYes
Vocal HarmonyNo
USB AudiorecorderYes
MIDI interface1x In, 1x Out
Microphone inputNo

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