Kaufmann P4L Concert Whip staccato/leth review: specs & price

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Concert Whip Staccato

The Kaufmann P4L Concert Whip staccato/leth is a Concert Whip Staccato with a Leather strap.

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Name Schlagwerk TreeWorks Chimes TRE555Kaufmann P1L Concert Whip large/lethPlaywood Ratchet RAT-15RKaufmann P4L Concert Whip staccato/lethKaufmann P4H Concert Whip staccato/woodKaufmann P1H Concert Whip large/woodKaufmann P2H Concert Whip medium/woodChester Hand HornGrover Pro Percussion Castanets GWC-3GSchlagwerk TreeWorks Chimes TRE35
Description ChimesConcert Whip LargeRatchetConcert Whip StaccatoConcert Whip StaccatoConcert Whip LargeConcert Whip MediumChester HandshakeCastanetsChimes
Dimensions of the surface (L x W)-Approx. 49 x 10 cm--Approx. 33 x 5 cmApprox. 50 x 10 cmApprox. 43.5 x 7.5 cm---
Package quantity-1 Piece--1 Piece1 Piece1 Piece---

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The Kaufmann P4L Concert Whip staccato/leth is a Concert Whip Staccato with a Leather strap. The retail price is 55.57 £.


Dimensions of the striking surface (L x W)Approximately 33 x 5 cm
Shipping quantity1 Piece

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