K&M Konusspannring review: specs & price

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Cone ring

The K&M Konusspannring is a Cone ring with a K&M No. 01-85-475-55.

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Name Mey Chair Systems GS-202RK&M 44130Triad-Orbit TGB-2 Go Carrier BagOn-Stage MSA9900 Mic BoomLD Systems Curv 500 CMB WK&M 26792-024K&M 13497 Bass HolderK&M KonusspannringK&M 24356 BKK&M 26705 wh
Description Right-hand adapterGoods carrier for Euro hole packagingCarrier BagCeiling mount bracket for Curv satellitesMounting plateStorage for double bassCone ringAdapter plate 3Base Plate
Length-150 mm----350 mm---
Dimensions--90 x 20 x 17 cm--240 x 5 x 200 mm---550 x 550 x 27.3 mm
Weight-----1.8 kg0.6 kg--13.5 kg


The K&M Konusspannring is a Cone ring with a K&M No. 01-85-475-55. The retail price is 3.24 £.


Replacement part for the following K&M items10041, 10060, 10065, 107, 10800 and 10810

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