K&M 19793 Tablet PC-Stativ review: specs & price

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Universal Three-legged Tablet PC Stand

The K&M 19793 Tablet PC-Stativ is an Universal Three-legged Tablet PC Stand with a Stepless adjustment of the inclination, Rotates for horizontal and...

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Name Thomann gPhoneFostex AR-4iIK Multimedia iRig PowerBridge 30-piniZotope Spire Studio Power SupplyShure Portable Videography KitLindy USB 2.0 OTG Adapter CableK&M 19799K&M 19797Millenium Table TabletBandLab Link AnalogApogee Lightning Cable Jam Mic 3m9.solutions Stage Tablet Holder Bundle 1BandLab Link Analog MiniK&M 19794 Tablet PC Wall MountIK Multimedia iRig Mic FieldAirturn Manos MountSphero Specdrums - 2 RingApogee Lightning Cable Jam Mic 1mK&M 19795IK Multimedia iKlip 3
Description Audio interfaceUniversal Charging System for iOS DevicesAdapter CableTablet Wall MountTablet PC Desk StandTable StandAudio interface for mobile devicesAccessory cable9.solutions El-Bo armTablet PC Wall MountStereo Plug-in MicrophoneUniversal Tablet HolderAccessory cableTablet PC Tripod HolderTablet Holder
Dimensions--44 X 27 x 21 mm (without cable)------70 x 42 x 77 mm----50 x 57.5 x 16 mm----22 x 25 x 8 cm
Length-----Approx. 0.5 m----Approx. 3m------Approx. 1 m--
Material------PlasticPlastic and steel----------Plastic-
Width------102 - 189 mm102 - 189 mm---Adjustable from 133 - 225 mm------102 - 189 mm-
Height------163 - 242 mm163 - 242 mm----------163 - 242 mm-
Depth------5 - 11 mm5 - 11 mm----------5 - 11 mm-
Weight------0.204 kg1.304 kg-378 g-247 g-0.75 kg30 g0.47 kg--0.362 kg560 g

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The K&M 19793 Tablet PC-Stativ is an Universal Three-legged Tablet PC Stand with a Stepless adjustment of the inclination, Rotates for horizontal and vertical position, Stepless adjustment from 70 up to 155 cm, 2-Way extendable & Compact dimensions when packed up. The retail price is 51.06 £.


Height220 - 334 mm
Width128 - 232 mm
Thickness of tablet6 - 11 mm
Weight1.6 kg

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