K&K Pure Piano

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The K&K Pure Piano is a Pickup with a Consists of 3 pickups tailored to specific frequency ranges & Output via 6.3 mm jack.

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Name K&K PowerMix Trinity 12-StringK&K Trinity Pro 12-String SystemDavid Gage The Realist Mandolin 1/4"K&K PowerMix Pure Mini SystemTAP PAR-R Bouzouki PickupTAP Aud / Oud Piezo PickupK&K Onboard Trinity Classic SystemTAP GSR Bouzouki Pickup w. ControlTAP KA-T Tzoura Bridge PickupK&K UltraPure System 12-String
Description Pickup SystemPickup/Preamp SetPiezo-ceramic pickup for mandolinPickupElectromagnetic PickupPiezo Pickups for Oud / Short Necked OudPickup SystemElectromagnetic Bouzouki PickupBridge Pickup for TzouraK&K UltraPure system 12-string
Instrument type12-String Steelguitar12-string guitar-Acoustic GuitarBouzoukiAud, OudAcoustic GuitarBouzoukiTzoura12-String Acoustic Guitar
Active -
Passive -
Incl. Preamp -
Dimensions----71 x 26 x 10 mm--71 x 26 x 10 mm--

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K&K Pure Piano Triple Transducer piano pickup system
  • The special features of the Pure Piano system produce an impressively natural, clean, and balanced sound as well as a quick installation. Each of the three transducer heads has been specifically processed to fit the bass, mid, and descant tone ranges.
  • Item location: BRISTOL, GB

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The K&K Pure Piano is a Pickup with a Consists of 3 pickups tailored to specific frequency ranges & Output via 6.3 mm jack. The retail price is 101.86 £. Buy K&K Pure Piano at Thomann UK.


Diameter of the pickups1x 1.3 cm, 2x 1.9 cm
Height of the pickupsApproximately 1 mm
Instrument typePiano
Incl. PreampNo

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