Jockomo 1/8"Side Dot Fret Markers WT

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Name Jockomo Eagle Pick Holder StickerJockomo Hawaiian Honeycreeper BirdJockomo 1/4" Dot Fret Markers BPJockomo Nature Sea Turtle StickerFender Logo Sticker Red GlitterFender Amp Logo 3D StickerJockomo 1/8"Side Dot Fret Markers WTBoomwhackers Chroma-Notes Stick-Ons
Description Guitar Holder Sticker for GuitarBody Sticker for GuitarBody Sticker for GuitarSticker3D StickerStickers for Boomwhackers
MotifEagleBirdDotsTurtleFender LogoFender LogoDotsDrums
Super thin-0.07 mm-0.07 mm----
Size-47 x 36.6 mm-34 x 29 mm----
Length----Approx. 15 cmApprox. 17 cm--

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Tips for installing fretboard side dots


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Jockomo 1/8"Side Dot Fret Markers WT

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